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5 Wedding Food Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

  • By Editorial team

    27 Jul-2021

5 Wedding Food Mistakes to Avoid in 2021


Mistakes are inevitable but one can always learn from them. Here’re some major wedding mistakes that you must be aware of.  A wedding is just another reason to celebrate life. It is surely fun to don pretty dresses and get clicked and have the best time with your dear ones. But, hey, what about the other wedding affairs? If you’re the host, you can’t stay calm as the to-do-list is getting longer every day. However, have you meticulously decided on the food menu? Food is an essential aspect of any event. Let’s just say that most people want free food, drinks, and entertainment. So, before you get to it, here are some points suggested by top caterers in Jaipur that you must take into consideration:


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  • Ditch Exotic Food: If you are fond of Italian cuisine, then keep in mind that most people might not even know the names of all French dishes. Last October, I was invited to a lavish wedding in one of the Jaipur 5-star hotels. I was looking forward to the functions, but sadly, the food was a complete disappointment. So, on our way back, we stopped by for a quick take away from McDonald's.Everyone might not be interested in the food experiments at a grand event like a wedding. Thus, take into account your friends and family before zeroing in on anything. 

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  • Consider Standard Choices: A pal of mine has embraced the lifestyle of a vegan whereas another prefers gluten-free ingredients. The thing is the menu must be taken care of from people’s choices, not yours. You cannot arrange scrumptious food for a bunch of friends while others starve the whole wedding night. Therefore, put together vegans, vegetarians, non-vegetarians in one list and then choose alternative food arrangements. Whether it is an outdoor or indoor wedding, these minute details amp up the set-up.

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Avoid Unseasonal Foods: Though the idea might sound silly, it’s imperative to pick seasonal foods for several reasons. The top ones include they are fresh, loved, and also, cuts off your expenses to a great extent. 


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Food in Appropriate Quantity: This is possibly the worst thing that could happen in large gatherings. We have heard about the food shortage in weddings. Thankfully, our team at Luxury My Wedding starts by estimating the guest list in advance. And it never fails us. We have got your back always. You may avail of the top-notch services of the leading wedding planner in Jaipur, Luxury My Wedding at reasonable prices this season. 

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  • Quality Factor: Maintaining a certain quality in food is a must. This factor is purely based on the number of guests attending a particular function. The invitee list may vary greatly as per the budget, personal preference, and the type of wedding you have plans to host. However, producing a premium quality for 1000 guests is not a cakewalk. There could be a possible variation, but degrading the quality can mean grumbling relatives.  

The bottom line is that whatever you choose to put on the list, ensure to get it prepared following the taste and choices of the attendees. 

Statistics suggest that almost 38% of the wedding expenditure is spent on food and beverages. Thus, keep these ‘don’ts’ in mind and then jump to the next step. 

Wish you a great stroke of luck. You might connect with us, the established wedding planner in Jaipur to add a touch of magic and charm to special days of your life. Write to us if you have any queries in mind.

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