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Things you need to keep in mind before booking a venue

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    03 Jul-2021

Things you need to keep in mind before booking a venue 

We all know what a task booking a wedding venue is. With clashing opinions and variations in tastes as well as preferances, this important job sure causes a dilemma. Being one of the most important aspects of the whole wedding planning process, it is absolutely necessary to take your time and make the right decisions. It is also super important to know for a fact that the venue you have chosen will take care of all the details and necessities. Don’t you worry your pretty little minds! We at Luxurymywedding have just the antidote to your problems. This list has the perfect questions you need to ask the venue you have chosen to ensure a satisfactory wedding experience and an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

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Cost and Capacity

The first thing that has to be done at the beginning of the wedding planning process is to fix a budget and list out the number of people you would want to invite to your big day. Certain questions need to be asked such as -’ What is the availability for the chosen wedding date? Whether there is a venue hire fee? And What wedding packages does the venue offer?. If you find a satisfactory answer to all these questions, the first step of choosing a perfect venue is complete! It is always essential to be informed about the costs and availabilities of the venues as it eliminates a lot of problems that could arise during the elaborate process of wedding planning. Keep yourself updated with all the latest information and rise in prices and also the availabilities of any venues.

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There is no denying that the favorite part of any wedding is the food. Well, that and the dressing-up. An efficient venue must have a top-notch catering facility that can take care of all your desires. It is preferred that the venue itself provide a catering facility. But in case you have a catering service in mind, do go for it. Keep in mind that if the venue does not offer its own catering service, one should enquire about the kitchen facilities, tableware, and serveware. These are key aspects of any wedding, as presentation is a priority. If the venue does offer catering, then enquire about the menu, alcohol, and cocktail hour. Also, ask if they provide tastings so that you can make the best decisions.

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Staff and Assistance

A successful wedding always has a hardworking, well-trained, and courteous staff who vow to assist you and ensure that every detail is carried out with utmost care and perfection. When choosing the right venue for the biggest day of your life, keep in mind that the staff plays a major role in ensuring the best wedding experience. Ask the venue if they provide a wedding coordinator or whether there is someone who will be in charge of running things on the big day. There is absolutely no doubt that a task as stressful as wedding planning needs assistance. It would be a bonus if the venue provided you with an event coordinator as it would most definitely lift a huge burden off your hands.

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Guest Accommodation

Whether you are planning a grand destination wedding or an intimate subtle wedding with your loved ones, guest accommodation must always be prioritized. Even if it is just the family of the bride and groom who would be staying over, enquire how many rooms are available in the venue and what the prices are. Make sure to visit the rooms and check if they are well-furnished and comfortable. Nothing is as important as a good night’s sleep after a long hard day of planning and celebrating. It is also important to ask if the venue provides facilities like  taxi on call and a doctor on call in case of emergencies. A few of the other things that need to be considered are accessibility for disabled guests and baby changing facilities for convenience purposes.

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A beautiful and memorable wedding should sure look the part. Whatever your tastes may be, whether it is a themed wedding or a royal extravaganza, the decor is what brings it all together and adds a zing to any wedding ceremony. Hence, the first thing you should consider while choosing a venue would be to ask them about their decor policy. Questions related to availability and chairs and tables, lighting, fireworks, lawn games, carriages, etc must be asked beforehand in order to avoid any kind of confusion that may arise. Enquire if the venue provides decorators or if they allow outside decorators. The smallest details can make the biggest difference, so keep yourself updated with the latest trends and communicate your preference clearly to the venue, so that they may do the needful.


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What are the first thoughts that cross your minds while picking out a venue? Were these tips useful? How do you go about the process of choosing the right wedding venue?Lots of questions with lots of enticing answers. Thats how we do things here at Luxurymywedding. We hope that these tips help you pick out your dream destination wedding venue with ease .How about letting us know your thoughts and experiences  at 

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