Wedding Favor ideas

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    03 Sep-2022

Wedding Favor  ideas 

There are several reasons why couples hand out wedding favors, including to say "thank you" to their guests and to offer them something concrete to remember the occasion by. You should start looking into party favor ideas as you approach the last few months before your wedding so you can choose the best presents for your guests. So what exactly are wedding favors, you ask? Giving guests presents as a means for couples to express gratitude for their attendance at their wedding dates back to the 16th century. These presents often take the form of miniature trinkets that match the wedding's theme. But choosing themed presents for guests isn't the only option anymore. Party favors that are a reflection of your personality or love story are a sentimental choice that will bind your loved ones to you.

Potted succulents

Succulents are absolutely beautiful. They are aesthetic and are not too difficult to take care of. This is why we suggest you provide elegantly potted succulents as party favors to your guests. These beautiful plants can last a long time and guests can definitely cherish them. Incredible beautiful wedding guest presents include miniature succulents. These small decorative accents are available from floral wholesalers or as DIY projects. Select a small container for the succulents to start, then add one or two additional plants. Look for miniature burlap bags if you want a cheap alternative. Try miniature porcelain vases for something fancier. The succulents can also serve as place cards.



Chocolates are most certainly the way to people’s hearts. Who doesn’t love the warm, delicious smell of chocolate? It gives us an instant dopamine rush does it not? Try providing your guests with delicious handmade mini chocolates wrapped in a fun and interesting manner. They will surely make guests happy. You can never have too much chocolate. You can opt for both white or dark chocolate depending on what you like the most. You can also have a mix of chocolates with nuts, caramel, and rice crispies if you’re up for it! You won’t see any of the guests complaining. We assure you!



Coasters have a lot of potential to be the perfect party favor for your guests. You can be incredibly creative with them. The coasters can be customized with whatever you fancy. They can include caricatures of the bride and groom or can have patterns and symbols that are part of the wedding theme. YOu can opt for acrylic or rein coasters with marble effect or a galaxy-themed coaster with glitter and stars. The possibilities are endless!



More and more people are investing in good scented candles. Aromatherapy has so many benefits and scented candles are the perfect way to indulge your senses. Candles are a typical part of wedding decor, similar to flowers. They are also good options for wedding favors. You can provide each visitor with a votive candle personalized with their name to use as a place card. As an alternative, you might provide your visitors with a variety of handmade candles in different scents.


 Hand Sanitizer

The pandemic has left all of us constantly reaching out for masks and sanitizers. You can never seem to have enough of them. Hand sanitizer became a well-liked choice for wedding favors during the pandemic. It demonstrates to visitors your concern for their safety and doubles as a sweet present they may use every day. Your hand sanitizer can have a personalized label, or you can add glitz to the gift by choosing glass bottles and eco-friendly, skin-friendly components.

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This one is for all those who love treats. Even if you might be tempted to build your own wedding favors, keep in mind that the procedure could take some time. As such, make sure you have the time and energy to put your handouts together. S'mores kits are a traditional choice if you're determined to make your own party goodies. Although the graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow components of a delectable s'more are missing from this wedding favor idea, the favor tag is what makes it irresistible.


So take a look at all these favor ideas and choose the ones you love best. Favor bags can be an extension of your love towards your guests and also a slice of your personality. They do not need to be extravagant. They can be small and thoughtful. Ultimately it is a way to say thank you to your guests who have attended your big day. 


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