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Grooming tips for every groom

Men's grooming is awfully essential as well. Here are a few tips you should follow before the big day.

By Editor, 05 Sep-2022

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties are a fun and exciting way to end your end your single life with a bang. You and your girlies need to have the best of the best during this day. So take a look at these ideas .

By Editor, 04 Sep-2022

Wedding Favor ideas

Weddings favors are a way to thank your guests for being a part of your special day. Here are a few ideas that we think might help you immensely.

By Editor's Choice, 03 Sep-2022

Kaleere ideas for this wedding season

Kaleeren oh kaleeren. These stunning pieces of jewellery get every bride excited. Why not go a little creative with these wonderful pieces to spice up your photographs.

By Editor's Choice, 02 Sep-2022

DIY skincare for brides

As a bride it is quite important to take care of your skin days before the wedding. Take a look at these easy Diy facemasks that can combat most of your skincare issues.

By Editor, 01 Sep-2022

Guide to bridal Mehendi

Mehendi is an intricate part of an Indian wedding. As the bride-to-be, here are a few tips that will be extremely helpful to you.

By Editor's Choice, 31 Aug-2022

Ultimate bridesmaid outfit inspo

Bridesmaids dresses are quite important. You can be super creative with them so as to not outshine the bride. Take a look at these few interesting ideas we are sure you will love.

By Editor's Choice, 30 Aug-2022

Haldi outfit ideas

Haldi outfits can often be overlooked during wedding planning. Here are a few ideas for ways to spice up your haldi outfit without burning a hole in your pockets.

By Editor's Choice, 29 Aug-2022

Bridal lehenga ideas for 2022

It is important to keep yourselves updated with the latest bridal lehenga trends. Leave it to us to find you your perfect choice. Here are a few lehengas you might thoroughly enjoy.

By Editor's Choice, 28 Aug-2022
Food & Drink

Unique Food items for your wedding menu

Wedding menus can always be improved with new and unique flavors. Take a look at these unique dishes you can add to your menu to make it stand out.

By Editor's Choice, 26 Aug-2022
Food & Drink

Food stall ideas for weddings

Food stalls are super fun. You can have a wide range of snacks and treats all lined up to satisfy hungry guests. Here are a few ideas you should check out!

By Editor, 24 Aug-2022

Favourite Indian Destination wedding locations of 2022

India has numerous stunning places that are perfect to host your dream wedding. Do give this heavenly locations a look!

By Editor's Choice, 22 Aug-2022
Food & Drink

Three C's - Chat Counter Checklist

We Indians love our fair share of chaats. This is why we highly recommend a chaat counter for your wedding.

By Editor, 18 Aug-2022

International destination wedding locations of 2022

Destination weddings are quite popular these days. If your are planning to have your abroad, here are a few locations you should definitely keep in mind.

By Editor, 16 Aug-2022

Wedding invitation ideas

Designing invites for your big day can be tricky. Here are a few new ideas you should try out.

By Editor, 15 Aug-2022

Monsoon honeymoon ideas

Honeymoons are meant to be exciting and memorable. Here are a few unique honeymoon destinations that will leave you spellbound.

By Editor, 12 Aug-2022

Minimalistic hairstyles for brides

Choosing the perfect hairstyle for your big day can be tasking. With minimalistic hairstyles being so in trend right now, check out this list of hairstyles and choose the perfect one for you!

By Editor, 11 Aug-2022

Bridal footwear ideas

Shoes can be an expression of your personality. With all eyes on you as the bride, we highly recommend you check out these styles that will be extremely beneficial for you.

By Editor's Choice, 12 Aug-2022

Classy wedding nails for brides

Nails are an important aspect of your wedding look. So do take the time and pick out the perfect manicure for your big day.

By Editor, 10 Aug-2022

Pre -wedding shoot ideas

Pre-wedding shoots can capture the essence of your relationships. They can be fun, quirky and creative. Here are a few ideas that you and your partner could try out.

By Editor, 09 Aug-2022
Food & Drink

7 Mocktail ideas for weddings

Mocktails are refreshing, creative and absolutely delicious. Here are a few we think you should include in your wedding menu.

By Editor's Choice, 07 Aug-2022

Indian Sweets for Weddings

Sweets are a favorite part of any Indian celebration. With numerous mouth-watering options out there, it is easy to get flustered. Don't worry! Take a look at this list we've curated for you.

By Editor, 01 Aug-2022
Autumn Weddings

Autumn weddings

Autumn can be the perfect time to plan your dream weddings. Nature is at its best in terms of color, elegance and grandeur. Why not use this amazing opportunity to plan the wedding of your dreams?

By Editor, 23 Jul-2022

Engagement party ideas for 2022

Engagement parties are a celebration of their own. Here are a few fun ideas that you can incorporate into your engagement party to take it up a notch!

By Editor, 20 Jul-2022

Wedding Traditions Around the world

Wedding traditions differ all around the world. They are often fun and add an extra bit of spice to the wedding celebrations.

By Editor, 01 Jan-1970

Essential Groomsmen Duties

Groomsmen have essential tasks in assisting the groom during the wedding celebrations. Here is a list of things you can add to your checklist to be better prepared for groomsmen duties!

By Editor's Choice, 01 Jan-1970

Pre-wedding Tips for Grooms

Men's grooming is awfully essential as well. Here are a few tips you should follow before the big day.

By Editor, 01 Jan-1970

Wedding Cake ideas

Weddings cakes need to be special. Wheter they represent a story or fragments of your personality, wedding cakes are show stoppers at weddings. Here are a few ideas you should definitely consider.

By Editor, 12 Jul-2022

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