Ultimate guide to a perfect destination wedding

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    14 Jul-2021

Ultimate guide to the perfect destination wedding

Destination weddings are truly magical. Here’s a thought for you. Imagine all your dear and near ones gathered in a picturesque spot, you and your partner dressed in stunning outfits, the magical sunset lights up the sky. A truly delightful moment isn't it? Yes, that's the beauty of destination weddings and that is why all the adventurous couples out there dream of having one. A wedding is a celebration of a grand scale. And an event so big needs to be planned to perfection. Destination weddings have the power to make dreams a reality. Due to budget reasons and the stress of planning such an event, destination weddings are often brushed aside. But if done the right way, with a few extra tips and tricks your fairytale wedding in a far away mystical land can be made possible. Here at LMW, we offer the best insights to all the do;s and don'ts you need to follow to have the most regal wedding experience.

The Date

While planning a destination wedding, extra thought should be put into picking the correct date. Keep in mind the place you have chosen and how long it would take to reach there. Since destination weddings are often celebrated in far away land, the travelling time should also be considered. Whilst travelling to a distant land do conduct a thorough research on the climatic conditions. More often than ever tropical regions tend to have unpredictable rainfalls which could be a disaster if you have planned a beach wedding outdoors.To best ensure that no disasters occur, a thorough weather check is a must. There are chances of hurricanes and blizzards as well so pick a day that falls in the best part of the year in that region. Also be aware of fluctuations in tourism so that booking transport might be convenient instead of being congested and pricy.

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The guest list

Since destination weddings require more planning than a regular wedding, do mail the ‘save the dates’, 12 months before the wedding as this allows your guests to clear out their schedule in a convenient manner to attend your big day. Official invites to the wedding must go about 3-4 months before the wedding. This is to ensure no confusion and misunderstandings occur and all your guests have more than enough time to plan out their day and schedule without any hassle. Guests can make arrangements without any stress or inconvenience. Traditionally, it is expected that the guests pay for their own accommodations. This is totally up to you. If you plan on having a small intimate wedding then paying for guest accommodation can be considered. But if it is a big Fat Indian wedding, do think twice about the budget. Whatever your decision may be, do convey the information gracefully and clearly so that there may be no confusion whatsoever.

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The venue

While deceiving on a venue to host your destination wedding, numerous things must be taken into consideration. A detailed enquiry of the facilities and services provided by the venue must be conducted beforehand to avoid any shortcomings during the big day. Ask questions about their catering policy, the decor policy and the number of guests the venue can accommodate. Ask about the number of rooms available at the venue and if enough parking space is available for the guests. Make sure the venue takes care of all your needs and preferences. When it comes to celebrating your big day, there should be no interruptions. 

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Visit in advance

We can't stress this point enough. Visiting your chosen venue beforehand gives you clarity and allows you to make the right decisions and change any without too much trouble. It allows you to analyse thoroughly what you need and what you don’t. It reduces your anxiety. Imagine going to your chosen location days before your wedding and realising it is not what you wanted or that it doesn't look like anything you had in mind. Heartbreaking isn’t it? To avoid situations like this, we request to perform a thorough evaluation of the venues you've rounded up. Keep your choices open and choose the one which allows you to envision your big day.

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Planning an approximate budget before the wedding is a crucial aspect of any wedding. It gives you a clear cut idea on what to spend where and how much to spend. It also gives you an idea as to where to cut down costs and what areas of the wedding planning require more cost and attention. The most important feature of fixing a budget prior to a wedding allows you to minimize losses if any. Keeping a fixed budget or a rough idea of it can do wonders in alleviating stress. Keep in mind that there is a life to live after your big wedding, hence be mindful of how much you spend and where you spend it. A good way to save up is to not bloat the wedding guest list. Realise that each addition of a guest translates to extra cost which thereby equals to extra stress. And we don’t want any more of that in a wedding. Another useful tip would be to use in house talents. If you have someone in the family who’s good at performing then why not ask them to! This personalizes your wedding experience even more.

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We hope that these tips give you a clear head start to the long, arduous journey of wedding planning. There is no doubt that planning an event of this grrand can be tasking. But done if done the right way it can save a whole lot of stress and not to mention, money as well. How is your wedding planning experience going on? Have you had any hiccups on the way? If yes, hoe did you solve them? Share all your useful thoughts and insights with us as we would love to hear every bit of it. Write to us at

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Ultimate guide to a perfect destination wedding

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