Destination weddings- Beach Edition

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    15 Dec-2020

Destination weddings- Beach Edition

We all love the beach. The stunning view of sunsets and breeze sets a romantic tone that is perfect for a destination wedding. With couples exploring adventurous and new options to make their destination weddings memorable, a beautiful beach wedding seems to be on everyone’s list this season! Straying from conventional norms, tying the knot at a beach has tonnes of pros and a few cons as well. Here is a guide that will help you plan the perfect beach wedding and provide you with all the info that is necessary to make your wedding day a grand success. 

Choosing the right beach

India being a peninsula is known far and wide for its abundant coastlines. You lovebirds have a plethora of options to choose from! Since beach weddings are gaining a lot of attention these days it is necessary to do some research and find a beach that would be perfect to host your wedding. Our motherland provides you with serene beaches embraced by coconut palms and turquoise waters, a sight straight out of the cover of a magazine. Needless to say, beach weddings provide an early honeymoon. So that's an added bonus. A few beach venues we highly recommend would be Goa, Andaman and Nicobar, Kerala, Alibaugh, and who can forget the Lakshadweep islands? Beach weddings offer a serene bliss with sandy feet, golden sunlight, tropical breeze, clear skies and so much more. It would be a shame not to explore this new option! Another reason why beach weddings are so popular is that guest accommodation would be a piece of cake as beaches are usually surrounded by tonnes of venues that can comfortably accommodate your friends and family. Choose a beach that ticks all your boxes. We assure you a wedding at the beach is a true slice of paradise.

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While planning any destination wedding, it is important to make sure that the venue is accessible to everyone. The same rule applies to beach weddings as well. Make sure that the beach you have chosen isn’t doesn’t cause problems to your guests as that would surely kill the vibe of the grand celebration. It is easy to get carried away when you have fallen in love with a location. But is important to not forget your guests and how difficult it would be for them to arrive at the venue. A convenient and accessible location allows transporting items such as tables, chairs, audio, and video equipment easily without much trouble. So keep this very important factor in mind while choosing a beach. Do make sure that the site isn’t too out of the way. In case it is,  make preparations beforehand to have a hassle-free experience and to avoid as many hiccups as possible on the big day. Organizing an event this big usually has inevitable problems. The key is to be prepared 

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Beaches are a tricky business If done right, things will effortlessly fall into place, But if not, well you are in for a nightmare. The sound of the waves and winds blowing can be magical at first. But sometimes the winds can be a little extreme and the sound of the waves a bit too loud. This is why we recommend you to go with sturdy windproof decor that suits the outdoors and is resilient to the winds. This would mean that you may want to reconsider spending lavishly on flowers, ribbons, and balloons, which may just end up getting blown away by the wind or sometimes get withered. Things such as nametags, photos, etc must be secured with strong adhesive. It is also a good idea to place weights on items that could potentially be blown away. While choosing flowers, go for ones that can survive in higher temperatures and won’t weather and die before the ceremony begins. A few suggestions for flowers would be Chrysanthemums, calla lilies, and orchids.

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Stepping into a beach wedding might look lovely and romantic at first, but a couple of minutes into the ceremony whilst baking under the hot sun is sure to cause a headache or more. It is absolutely crucial to have enough shade at the ceremony so guests are comfortable and the ceremony can go on smoothly. It is also essential to schedule your ceremonies sometime during the mornings or late afternoon. These are times when the sun is mild and everyone can remain cool and happy. It is especially important to keep the older people and children in mind and arrange for sufficient shade and fans. An interesting suggestion would be to use bamboo poles drapes with light fabric to keep everyone cool. A well-shaded area allows people to relax and ensure elements of the wedding like decor and food don’t go bad under direct sunlight.

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Are you planning a beach wedding any time soon? We hope that you got a chance to read these super useful tips to make your job ten times easier. Just a few tips and tricks to help plan the biggest day of your life to absolute perfection. Let us know how your wedding planning experience is going so far and do connect with us for absolutely any suggestions you want to offer.

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