5 Best Bridal Shower Ideas

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    21 Jul-2021

5 Best Bridal Shower Ideas

Who doesn't dream about bridal showers? A day filled with nothing but fun, food, few giggles and a whole lot of laughter. There is something so emotionally nourishing about bridal showers. A day spent with a few of your closest friends celebrating the end of your single life and prepping for married life. Bridal showers are all the rave! If you are incharge of planning a bridal shower, the first task you will be presented with is picking the right theme. This will be a party that the bride will surely remember for the rest of her life. Therefore it is your duty to plan it to perfection and it is our duty here at LMW to help you with the whole planning process, by providing with useful insights, do’s and dont’s and most importantly all the latest trends that you should incorporate to this stunning party that is surely going to be a hit.

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Backyard Bonanza 

 There’s no place like home! So why not throw a bridal shower at your own backyard. The charming outdoor space is the perfect setting for a relaxed and pleasant day that will be filled to the brim with love, laughter and merriment. Organize fun outdoor games with exciting prizes. Let the dresscode me something summer and floral. This bridal shower is all about fun and relaxation. Add subtle floral arrangements with twinkling lights for an extra bit of dazzle. Incorporate picnic baskets, patel blankets, pillows and delicious food. Make the entire setting extremely comfortable and welcoming. This occasion gives you the perfect excuse to redo your backyard as well. This cheerful bridal shower is bound to keep everyone happy and energetic. We definitely think you should try this out! No hassle, just a day filled with great fun.

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Tea party

If the bride is someone who loves all things floral, fun and dainty then this one’s the perfect setting. A bridal tea party is all about a pop of color, gossip and giggles. Whether you chose to have a classical british tea party or something quirky, this tea party will surely brighten everyone’s moods. We recommend serving refreshing assortments  with the obvious high tea snacks such as scone , biscuits or everyone’s favorite the macaroons. You can also consider having finger food such as cucumber sandwiches, crab cakes, fries or whatever it is you like and get super creative with the menu. Just remember the day is all about making the bride super happy and hopefully make her shed a few tears of joy. What better way to end the single -life.

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The pajama party

Does this theme even require an introduction? A classic pajama party bridal shower is a favorite. Chilling with your girls in matching robes and fluffy slippers is what a bridal shower is all about am I right? It’ll be an awesome night with the girls. Have a wide range of pizzas, candy, drinks, games and of course a movie. We suggest a good romcom would do the trick. Organize interesting and quirky games that make you tummy ache from all the laughter. Include good music and who can forget a pamper routine with the girls? This day is all about letting loose and having the best time ever with your loved ones. Capture moments with polaroids and complete the night with some popcorn and netflix.

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The sweet love

Planning to host a bridal shower? Why not make it sweet? Yes, you heard us right. Love is sweet so let’s sweeten the day with an all out dessert bar filled with all the goodies that take your tastebuds on a rollercoaster ride. Include sugar free candies and vegan desserts to cater to all diest. Remember the cardinal rule that bridal showers are meant to be light and fun. Get customized candy that adds an extra little something to the day. Try getting the images of the bride and groom on the cake. It would be totally fun!

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Chic and Classy

A bridal brunch with a fine menu paired with refreshing beverages is an excellent choice. This one’s for those lovely gals who find any excuse to dress up. Recommend an elegant and chic dress code as this will be somewhat of a formal brunch where everyone will look their best. Serve a luxurious array of wines and other amazing assortments that satisfy the palettes. Set the table with fine crockery along with subtle arrangements of flowers and light. You can include candles and silverware if you're up for it. This brunch shall be an elegant getaway. An outdoor arrangement would definitely go well with this theme. Lots of air and lots of flair! Be generous with all the little details and make this brunch a lasting memory in the heart of the bride.

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Have you ever been incharge of bridal showers? If yes, how was the planning experience? Did the bride ball her eyes out with joy? Did the guests have a lovely time? What bridal themes are your favorites? If you are a bride, which of these themes struck a chord with you. Let us know all your thoughts and insights as we would love to hear them. If you have certain queries and information which you'd like to share, reach out to us at

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