7 Weird 'Videsi' Wedding Customs That You Must Know About

  • By Editorial team

    28 Jul-2021

7 Weird 'Videsi' Wedding Customs That You Must Know About

Summary: Every couple has a different way of celebrating their life’s most special days. Some stick to modern ways while many are fond of ancient traditions. Here we have covered some unbelievable yet weirdest wedding customs that various world communities follow. Being in India, you might know about its age-old traditions like the haldi, mehndi, sagai, shaadi, and the bidaai. However, the world comprises people of different cultures, stories, and customs. Today, we will talk about some of the weirdest traditions celebrated across the globe that include strange things like a baby chicken, fishes, crying ladies, and more. Without any ado, let’s get to the point! 

  • We are familiar with first nights but have you ever heard a mother accompanying her daughter to the same? Well, we are not joking! This is a practiced ritual in certain tribes in Africa. We are not sure about the reason why the tradition prevails but it does. However, it is done to teach the basics of how to do it right. Generally, a newlywed is escorted by elder members of the village, in most cases, the bride’s mother. 




  • In another bizarre tradition, the grooms in South Korea are beaten by bamboo sticks and dead fishes to get him prepared for the first night following the wedding. Again, we are skeptical about why it takes place. 



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  • In Scotland, the to-be-couple are given ‘special’ treatment. By that, we simply mean that they are bedecked with filth and the dirtiest things to test their patience and resistance. As it is said that the two people have to bear it through thick and thin before their wedding. Thus, it is to see whether they are ready for anything coming their way. After ‘blackening the bride’ with stale food, eggs, and whatnot, the couple is tied together to a tree. The sad part is that this tradition is initiated and carried out by their acquaintances and close friends. Thank God, there is no such thing in India. 


  • In India, match-makers fix the wedding date but in China and Inner Mongolia, a baby chicken decides that. Confused, aren’t you? Well, this is true, a community named Daur follows this ritual in which the to-be-weds have to hold a knife in their hands to murder the little chicken. The purpose is to find the condition of its liver. If it is working well, then the date can be set. If  not, the killing of innocent creatures continues. 



  • Tujins in China have an eerie tradition where the bride-to-be cries an hour every day for a month. How hilarious the ritual may sound but it prevails. Not only this! The women of the house are also obliged to  weep and join the ‘crying gang.' It’s not  to express their grief but an expression of joy. The ladies bawl in unique tones that make it sound like a verse or a rhythm. 



  • Have you heard about tabua? It’s a whale’s tooth. In Fuji, the boy has to present the tabua to his new father-in-law while asking for his daughter’s hands. Started by famous historical figures, this practice is revered by Fuijians even in modern times. 



We cannot imagine the cost that the poor groom might bear. Does he dive into the ocean and risk his life or does he take a smart route by hitting the black markets? We guess it is the latter!  We are not done yet, here is one more to share:

  • Imagine holding your pee or poop for an hour! It’s painful, right? Well, it is a tradition of Indonesia’s Tidong community. The new couples are locked together in a house for 3 days and nights. Though this may seem romantic, still not going to the loo for three days is not a cool thing. This ‘no loo’ ritual is believed to encourage healthy sex among couples. 


Now that’s CRAZY! So, tell us in the comments below which tradition made you laugh the hardest? 

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