3 World’s Lesser-Known Wedding Destinations

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    29 Jul-2021

3 World’s Lesser-Known Wedding Destinations

Everyone had different plans for this year but they did not work out well. We may blame the current circumstances, however, we can still make something good out of them. Like living your wedding fantasies. You cannot deny the fact that you never dreamt about that. Over the years, a plethora of people have promised a ‘forever’ at different locations across the world. Some are fond of the sea while others are more of a modest kind. Whatever the case, we at LuxurymyWedding give a shape to your wedding imaginations. We have hosted various functions and events for our clients in India and abroad. If you want to add a spark of magic to your life’s most important day, then give us a chance to serve you. 



In this blog, we have curated the three best places in the world to get married. Surely, it was not easy as every corner of the world is full of surprises. Here are some lesser-known destinations in Greece, Jamaica, and Mexico that fit right for a small or a large wedding. Hope you like them!


Crete, Greece: Whether you are looking for an extravaganza or a soiree, Greece will not disappoint you. Sairotini is a well-known wedding destination in the city. But Crete is still a hidden gem in this land of beautiful beaches and mountains. If you have not heard about this place, then let’s throw some light on it. Crete has everything from pink sands to valleys to add to an ideal wedding. It is advisable to pre-book accommodations to save from last-minute reservations. You may invite your close friend circle to a private house beautified by tall olive foliage or call them at a sea wedding. Imagine holidaying with the same people at the same place, at your expense! It may sound like a great deal but it is worth every penny.





Montego Bay, Jamaica: What’s better than white sands and spectacular waves? We guess, Jamaica! The travel to this city is easy because of its international airports. You can go with an over-water villa or a resort wedding as per your suitability, both have their perks. The former offers world-class cuisine and housekeeping services while the latter is apt for the tranquil and natural view along with a laid-back atmosphere. Though Montego Bay is not just about swaying palm trees and water, it is equally famous for its rich culture and scrumptious food. Have a wedding like never before at one of the best places in the world! 



Any month is perfect to get married in Jamaica but avoid March, June, and November.




Los Cabos, Mexico: Planning a summer wedding this year with a bunch of peers and close acquaintances? Well, we have a place that is perfect for the occasion. It is none other than Los Cabos Mexico, the most beautiful place to get married. There are odds that you might have seen it virtually. However, you have a golden opportunity to host a majestic wedding at Los Cabos. Seems like a dream? 



Los Cabos arises from Santa Cabos, a town, to the west to the east of San Jose Del Cabo. Marrying in the backdrop of the arch rock set-up is an  experience to cherish. If you are still not convinced, then we’d like to add that Santa Cabos is the merging point of the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez, which is a rare sight in the world. There are opulent hotels, beach clubs, and villas for organizing a one-of-a-kind wedding. 


If you want to add a desi touch, then mount on a white horse at the splendid beach. Or you may partake in a special ‘baby turtle release’ ceremony with your spouse. Consult our wedding planners and let’s together narrate your fairy-tale wedding to the world.



What is the ideal time to tie knots in Los Cabos?

Winter is cozy and freezing but it is also the peak tourist season. While summers are warm and humid, it gets hard to survive a wedding this period. Therefore, the best time is April-May as the weather is pleasant. Also, avoid traveling during June and October because of the place witnesses harsh rainfalls during that time. 



So, you must have made up your mind until now! Which is your favorite or dream destination for a wedding? Do you have a favorite destination in mind? We highly recommend that you check out these places as you shall not be dissapointed. Share all your thoughts and insights with us at

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