The Countdown for Your Bridal Beauty

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    01 Jan-1970

The Countdown For Your Bridal Beauty


Your big day is fast approaching and naturally, you desire to look your greatest. To enhance your natural beauty, you’ll need to start preparing at least 6 months in advance of your big day. Here are the key steps you need to take to look radiant and beautiful from head to toe on your wedding day!


Get acne, hyperpigmentation, and rosacea under control

If you have a major skincare concern, visit your dermatologist to see what your options are to fix it. 


Make appointments for monthly facials up until your big day to refresh your skin. 

Start a good cleansing and moisturizing program for your skin. Invest in all-natural skincare products made with blends of nut oils. 


Think about growing out your hair, going shorter, or experimenting with a new color. 

 It's time to talk to your stylist about changing your cut or color. It gives you plenty of time to change it again if it’s not something you like. Take care of your hair. Start repairing your hair with a deep conditioning treatment to stimulate the hair follicles and nourish dry hair. Try using a nourishing coconut oil blend and body oil as an overnight treatment.














Relieve Stress

Stress often deteriorates your skin health, leading to dark patches and dullness. It hampers the natural skin barrier function and leaves the skin prone to damage. Therefore, follow these tips to relieve stress and make your skin glow.











Exercise Regularly



 One of the best ways to make your skin healthy and radiant naturally is by working out daily. It keeps you fit, and you will notice higher energy levels throughout the day


Avoid Smoking And Alcohol

Smoking increases free radical production and causes aging and dullness. Alcohol consumption affects your skin, making it look tired and flushed. It may also enlarge your pores and trigger breakouts. Thus, avoid smoking and alcohol to keep dryness, sagging, and wrinkles at bay.


Maintain A Balanced Diet

Eat plenty of fruits and green leafy vegetables to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. A balanced diet will impart energy and boost your glowing skin




Take Out Time For Yourself

Planning a wedding means meeting lots of people, which may lead to stressful situations. Make sure that you schedule time for yourself daily at least two months before your wedding. You will be surprised how much this has a positive impact on your skin and mental, physical, and emotional health. Get a coffee, read a book, or go window shopping – whatever calms, relieves, and excites you.


A complete wedding requires each phase of it to be amazing. Apart from the venue, the décor, ambiance, and bride's dresses, people also pay a lot of attention to the bride's makeup. It is what gives the bride's outfit a finishing look. Therefore, bridal makeup demands to be on point and beautiful but in a very definite and artistic manner.


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