Hacks For Your Big Day!

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    01 Jan-1970

 Hacks For Your Big Day!


One of the most significant parts of planning a wedding beginning from the first step is to have a wedding budget in place. Your wedding budget is such an important record and you will work with it almost every day to plan your special event. Having a decent wedding budget in place will help you to evade overspending.


Plan The Budget


Your wedding should be about starting a life with the person you love, not plunging into debt. Eliminate wedding planning anxiety and uncertainty by determining your budget and prioritizing the details that matter most.


Eat a Nourishing Breakfast

With so much happening on the morning of your wedding, tucking into breakfast might not be a top preference. Make sure to have some nourishing food on hand that requires minimal preparation and clean-up. Breakfasts like muesli bars, fruits, or toast. Your wedding day is going to be long and exhausting, so try to snack on something nourishing before popping the champagne!


Keep Your Final Days Task-Free

Try to keep the week commencing up to your wedding completely task-free so that you can enjoy it, instead of running around feeling flustered! Build a wedding planning timeline that allows you to spend those final days boarding up with loved ones who may be traveling, and getting prepped and pampered for the big day without any stress.


Hand over Your Phone

Trust us, the last thing you want to be dealing with on your wedding day is last-minute phone calls from your venue, suppliers, or guests. Surrender your phone to your chief bridesmaid or another trusted loved one to field any texts or calls throughout the morning while you get glammed up.


Drink Peppermint Tea

Coffee might give you a burst of energy on the morning of your wedding, but it can also leave you feeling anxious! Opt for a cup of peppermint tea, instead. Not only will it help to keep you relaxed, but peppermint is also known to reduce bloating and soothe upset stomachs.


You now have the knowledge and means to determine your wedding budget, choose your top wedding preferences, and how to organize expenses. The hard part is over, and it’s time to have fun planning a wedding that is uniquely you. Stick to your top priorities, and you’ll be sure to create a wedding day that is beautiful, memorable, and doesn’t break the bank.


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