Wedding Food Trends-2022

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    09 Jun-2022

Wedding Food Trends-2022

The food you serve at your wedding may convey a story about you, your family, and perhaps your future. It's no surprise that couples are increasingly prioritising a well-crafted culinary experience as part of their wedding budget, ensuring that their guests eat cuisine that is exciting, fascinating, and, above all, perfectly excellent. However, much has changed since the pandemic, including wedding food. To meet new safety and hygiene criteria, traditional seated dinners and buffets are being replaced with novel food arrangements.

That's why we asked industry professionals for wedding cuisine ideas and trends to look out for this year and in the future.

Individual Portions

Covid 19 has forced wedding caterers to rethink their meals in order to meet the new cleanliness standards. This has resulted in little eatables that are not only adorable but also allow guests to enjoy more variety in less servings while avoiding cross-contamination and other people coming into contact with their meal. “ Consider some of your favourite delicacies in small form. That is exactly what this fad is about. Guests can choose from a variety of little nibbles at stations with ornately arranged dishes in miniature vessels. Some of the elaborate displays resemble works of art and spark lively discussion. A few interesting ideas are pasta bowls, individual mini pizzas, bite sized desserts and so on.


Customised Food

More and more couples are sharing their personal experiences and connecting with their guests through their wedding day menus. These days, couples aren't ashamed to request food that reminds them of a particular festival, or the food they ate on their first date, or on their first anniversary, or comfort dishes from their families.   An interesting manner to approach couples regarding their meal planning would be to ask questions about dishes that are personal to them or dishes that are associated with a certain happy memory.  Make your menu tell a tale and take your guests on a journey.

 Your Roots

The allure of comfort food never fades, no matter how far you travel around the globe. Along with foreign delicacies, regional food that the bride and groom grew up eating has a special place on wedding menus. It is important to keep your traditions and culture in mind while planning your wedding as nothing tastes better than your grandmother's soulful meals. Were sure you agree with this. Do not go too overboard by following the latest trends. Incorporate your own ideas and keep the menu refreshing and original.


Plant Based

Because of the growing focus on health, wedding caterers have had to rethink their menus and include more healthy options. Wedding menus have been gradually trending towards healthier selections. Ingredient-based dishes with plenty of healthful superfoods are in high demand. Quinoa, asparagus, artichoke, oats, fresh berries, and others are popular. People prefer grilled and baked foods to live-cooked fried dishes. Dishes that are gluten-free, sugar-free, or vegan are likewise becoming more popular.


Comfort food 

Ever had a rough day and all you wanted to do was to dive into your favourite hot meal? The stress of a long hard day dissipates whilst your tastebuds rejoice. Yes, comfort foods have that effect. It is possible to provide comfort food in an attractive manner during your wedding. Who doesn't enjoy a good bowl of comfort food? Cocktail hour is the ideal moment to transform your favourite comfort foods into something extraordinary. Consider 'tightened-up comfort foods.' The importance of presentation is crucial in this case. Do you have a need for french fries? Instead of using plates, serve them in monogram bags. Fill a cocktail glass halfway with ketchup or dipping sauce, then top with fries. Guests may easily take it around without causing a mess. Roasted garlic mashed potatoes served in martini glasses with chopped bacon and shredded cheddar cheese may not sound like the most beautiful wedding dish, but it can be when served in martini glasses.


Make sure your wedding menu is original and conveys your story. Keep it out of the box yet be mindful not to go too overboard with the options. Do stay updated with our latest blogs as we post the most useful content. We hope this list of wedding food trends-2022 proved to be useful to you and made your job of  wedding planning a little easier.


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