The Complete Guide to an Amazing Bridal Shower

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    15 Jun-2022

The Complete Guide to an Amazing Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is an event where close friends and family come together to celebrate the bride with presents, activities, food, and beverages. It's a centuries-old custom – and a great cause to have a celebration. Bridal showers are frequently seen as the start of the wedding festivities. Depending on your mood, this may or may not place a lot of pressure on the host.

The framework of a bridal shower and a wedding shower are typically similar (and include many of the same fun ideas and games), but the name of the event differs slightly depending on who is being showered. Here's a complete guide to planning the best bridal shower.


Invitations should arrive a month before the party date, so plan ahead if you're sending them via snail mail. That includes deciding whether or not you'll be sending out personalised designs (and what the turnaround time is for those). You'll also need to account for printing time. Only send invites to the bride’s closest friends and family to make the event intimate and memorable.

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Food, activities, and gifts are usually included in a conventional bridal shower. We'll go into more detail below (with loads of fantastic bridal shower party ideas for every style), but a toast is something else you should always think about. One of the most simple yet effective things you can do as the host is to say a few words about the woman of the hour. It doesn't have to be very sentimental or lengthy! It might be as simple as showing her some affection as you greet visitors. Pause to give a toast if you're presenting a meal. When you're hosting, it's tempting to get caught up in the minutiae, so remember to honour the bride.

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The bridal shower is traditionally hosted in one of the hosts' homes, but it can be conducted anywhere. The advantage of living at home is that there is usually less to set up and you have a kitchen to work with. However, depending on your budget, theme, and time of day, the bridal shower can be held at a park, a restaurant, an event venue, a brewery, and so on.



When deciding on a wedding shower theme, keep the person who will be showered in mind first and foremost. The menu is frequently influenced by a theme, so this is an excellent place to start. Consider any sensitivities or preferred foods. Alternatively, you might take inspiration from the couple's wedding style and match the bridal shower theme to their preferences. It could be at the beach, an elegant brunch, a boho bridal shower, tea party and so much more!



It takes more than stunning bridal shower decorations or a theme to create a mood. It's also crucial to consider how the bride and her guests will enjoy the day using ALL of their senses.

What they hear, thanks to a fantastic playlist, can completely transform the mood. Picnic benches will have a very different feel than cosy couches and cushions. And, because scent is so closely linked to memory, pick your candles and essential oils carefully! These are our top picks for bridal shower decorations.


It's time to talk about the food on the table. What is a bridal shower without snacks? You can go traditional with cheese, wine, and charcuterie or go creative with a chicken and waffle wall! Maybe you'd like a chat station, coconut bowls, or a novel twist on a tea party. Cocktails and snacks are a must!! Any one of these bridal shower meal ideas will be a success.


We hope you found these tips useful in planning the most amazing bridal shower. Planning any major event takes time and commitment. At LMW, we hope to provide you with useful information to make your task easier.


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