Bridal Accessories

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    20 Jun-2022

Bridal Accessories

You must have spent a significant amount of money on your favourite designer lehengas and chunnis for your wedding, and you will undoubtedly look great on your wedding day, but we would like to question if you have given any thought to bridal wedding accessories.

Bridal accessories may add a splash of colour to your bridal ensemble. So, for those brides who don't think accessories are important, we recommend that you do. We're going to inform you about some of the best wedding accessories that you should wear or try on your wedding day or if you're attending a wedding of someone else. You want your wedding attire to be perfect in every way. So why not add accessories and spice things up!

The Bridal Clutch

A girl may forget to eat, but she will never forget to carry her purse. It's a huge part of her personality. She carries it with her everywhere. Unlike males, women carry their phones, lipstick, kohl, and other cosmetics in their purses. You'd discover half of her beauty kit in her purse before anything else. You can get a potli purse, which is popular right now, or any other sort of purse in which everything should fit for your wedding. If you want to, you can even tell your husband! Choose from a wide range of designer clutches that can be customised to suit your preference.

Bindi on your forehead

If you're wondering how to spot an Indian bride at a glance, it's almost always because of her bindi. A bindi is worn by more people than just brides these days. Every girl nowadays wears a stylish statement. It is available in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. As a result, dress comfortably. Also, if your in-laws are more conventional, this is a must-have bridal wedding accessory to carry in your purse.The majority of brides forget or avoid wearing wedding hair accessories. But a bindi can tie your entire wedding look together.

What goes on the feet?

You must purchase shoes for your wedding that will look elegant with your gown , lehenga or saree. It is up to the bride to decide what style of shoes she wants to choose. Some people purchase multiple pairs of shoes for each bridal attire, while others purchase only one pair of shoes . So it's entirely up to you how you want to purchase. They can't change your fate, but they can make you appear better. Just like Cinderella, shoes can transform your entire wedding look!  However, we advise against purchasing stilettos for your wedding. Wearing high heels to your wedding could cause you discomfort and pain. The recommendation is to purchase flat-heeled shoes so that you may remain comfortable throughout your week-long wedding festivities. Stay as comfortable as possible as wedding duties are extremely exhausting and you will need every ounce of your energy.

Style your fingernails

Girls are constantly polishing their nails with various types of lacquer. Though you may have experimented with unusual colours before your wedding, you should stick to solid hues that complement your wedding gown on your wedding day. Maroon, crimson, golden, and even dark orange and olive are classic colours that work with any attire. Otherwise, she is free to choose. When choosing a nail paint, you should also consider your skin tone. If you don't want to put a strain on your hands by wearing chudis and hefty kangans, this is a basic sober hand wedding accessory.

Dazzling Jewellery

Traditional wedding accessories are also available for a bride to wear on her wedding day. Maang tikka, earrings, nath/nose pin, neckpieces, armbands, rings, waistband, anklets, toe rings, and other accessories are among them. It comes in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes from which to choose. They look better than any other accessory in terms of aesthetics and ethnicity. You can choose from a wide range of jewellery. Each piece can be symbolic and could also represent your culture and heritage. But as we always mention never go too overboard. It could possibly lead to a disaster.

We hope you find ways to incorporate these bridal accessories into your wedding attire. What kind of wedding item do you wish to wear? If you've worn something unique, such as a custom piece, please let us know. If you'd like, we'll absolutely put it in our blog article. Enjoy what we discussed for the rest of the time.


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