Bridesmaid Duties

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    21 Jun-2022

Bridesmaid Duties

As a friend, there may be no better honour than being asked to be a bridesmaid. You'll most certainly be filled with joy and excitement, but if you've never attended a wedding before, anxiety and terror may set in if you're not prepared. Everyone in a wedding party has a little of work and financial commitment wrapped up in all the festivities, so you'll want to be well-informed about your responsibilities in order to show up as the best bridesmaid you can be.

Bachelorette Party

Bridesmaids must prepare and attend the bachelorette party as the first and most obvious pre-wedding responsibility. This is a pre-wedding celebration that usually includes the soon-to-be married couple and their wedding party. Some bachelorette parties are simply for one night, while others are for the entire weekend. Make sure you know what your BFF wants ahead of time. As a result, you'll be able to plan ahead of time and budget appropriately. It will also offer you more time to come up with ideas for themes, stock up on pool floats (if needed), and get entertaining wedding party swag.



General Wedding Prep

Of course, you'll have to assist your bestie with the wedding planning. What is the most difficult assignment to complete? Choosing your wedding attire. To-be-weds frequently choose a colour or style for their wedding party. Ask them what they're picturing and do as they say, even if the style or colour isn't your choice. It's tempting to request an exception to the bridesmaid dress or attire they've chosen, but keep in mind that the wedding is about your buddy, not you. If you're really unhappy with the requirements, talk to your friend privately about it and come up with a solution.


 Emotional Support

Wedding planning is both thrilling and stressful. First and foremost, it's critical to be present for the bride during those tense times. Make yourself as available as possible! You don't have to be at their beck and call, but it's wonderful for the bride to know that her bridesmaids are their closest friends and most ardent supporters. It's also crucial to show your support for the maid of honour. Although they bear a lot of the responsibility for getting things started with pre-wedding events, not all MOHs are natural planners. It's a team endeavour, especially if any planning is involved, and it's critical to establish that tone from the start.



Some brides may already have a firm concept of what they want the bridal party to wear, but if the bride asks for assistance, you can certainly offer suggestions for bridesmaids' attire, hair, and makeup. This is the time to eternally hold your peace if you're asked to wear something you don't like. The only exception is if you're requested to wear something you're actually uncomfortable with (for example, something extremely low-cut or with which you can't wear a supportive bra). It's perfectly acceptable to bring up what you're uncomfortable with if you already know what it is. Just let the bride know ahead of time so that nothing gets in the way of their plans.


Being there for the bride

Weddings often include a tonne of work to be done and  numerous things that need to be looked into. More often than ever it is possible to get so wrapped up in things that you forget to eat or catch up on sleep. This is where the bridesmaids play a huge role in being there for the bride. As the company gets ready, the bride or mother of the bride traditionally gives refreshments. Even if it's only light nibbles throughout the day, it's lovely when the bridesmaids make sure the bride keeps hydrated and fed amid all the wedding day bustle. Make sure the bride drinks water at the very least, especially if the pair is going around taking photos. This also includes helping the bride touch up her make up and fix her dress. 


Weddings can be tasking. As the bride’s best friend it is your duty to help calm her nerves and be her pillar of support. The above tips can give you a place to start. We hope you find our blogs useful. Stay tuned as a lot more info is in store for you.


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