Dreamy wedding venues of Pushkar

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Dreamy wedding venues of Pushkar

The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa

The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa, situated in Ajmer, Rajasthan, is conveniently close to the Holy Lake, the Sadar Bazaar, the annual Pushkar Fair, the Great Indian Desert, the Dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, and the 14th-century Brahma Temple. The property also features transport facilities to the airport, on site restaurants, parking amenities and amazing guest accommodation. Enjoy scrumptious buffet and á la carte eating selections with a variety of continental, Indian, and other Asian dishes at their sleek and classy restaurant.

Rooms of The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa- 98

Cost of Room in The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa- INR 13 - 18K

Cost of meal  in The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa - INR 2 - 3.5 K

Cost of decor  in The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa - INR 10 - 15 Lac

Cost of Event  in The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa - INR 5 - 10 Lac

Ananta Spa & Resort Pushkar

Ananta Spa & Resort Pushkar is a tranquil retreat in Pushkar, protected by the majestic Aravalli Hills and lush foliage on all sides. This five-star resort in Pushkar boasts picture-perfect views, first-rate services, and opulent amenities. We have 52 modern cottages, 21 spacious rooms, 12 tents, and 3 tent suites for their visitors, all of which are dispersed over an enormous 11-acre area. Additionally, they provide three exquisite eating alternatives in beautiful surroundings that are sure to amaze you. Grand weddings, extravagant social gatherings, and corporate functions can be held in their banquet hall, which is 3150 square feet in size, and on our expansive lawn, which is 15,290 square feet. One of the greatest resorts in Pushkar, Ananta Spa & Resorts pampers you with first-rate amenities like a fully-stocked amusement room, a kids' play area, an outdoor pool, a superb spa, and a cutting-edge fitness centre.

Rooms in Ananta Spa & Resort Pushkar - 88

Cost of Room  in Ananta Spa & Resort Pushkar - INR 9 - 12K

Cost of meal  in Ananta Spa & Resort Pushkar - INR 1.5 - 3 K

Cost of decor  in Ananta Spa & Resort Pushkar - INR 9 - 15 Lac

Cost of Event  in Ananta Spa & Resort Pushkar - INR 4 - 10 Lac

Pratap Mahal

The Pratap Mahal, Ajmer, a luxury resort in Ajmer near the Pushkar Bypass is a sight for sore eyes, set against the magnificent Aravalli hills, right in the centre of Rajasthan in a lovely green oasis. The magnificent facility here welcomes you to take in the historical and cultural inspiration that went into creating the haven created at our luxury resort in Ajmer for both business and pleasure travellers. Our five-star hotel in Ajmer offers a welcoming staff at your disposal as well as breathtaking views that you can take in while relaxing on jhoolas or on the private balconies that come with each room. THis romantic setting provides the perfect backdrop for your wedding making it a memorable affair.

Rooms in Pratap Mahal - 88

Cost of Room  in Pratap Mahal  - INR 10 - 13K

Cost of meal  in Pratap Mahal - INR 2 - 3 K

Cost of decor  in Pratap Mahal  - INR 9 - 15 Lac

Cost of Event  in Pratap Mahal  - INR 4 - 10 Lac

Bhanwar singh palace

Pushkar, a well-known pilgrimage destination, draws tens of thousands of visitors each year from all over the world. It is known as the "rose garden of Rajasthan" and is a calm city. Bhanwar Singh Palace, a well-known luxury spa resort, lends this city a touch of sophistication and elegance. At this property, you'll find roomy lodgings, warm service, and an idyllic environment. The 44 Royal villas and 76 Royal apartments of Bhanwar Singh Palace are modern, roomy, opulent, and provide a pleasant garden and a view of the Arrivals Mountains. Our Ayurvedic Spa offers yoga & meditation, a jacuzzi, and steam rooms, and all concerns, tension, and tiredness will melt away in the tempting blue water that looks out over the palm-fringed fields. With its plethora of options the Bhanwar Singh palace is most definitely an amazing location to exchange vows.

Rooms in Bhanwar singh palace - 61

Cost of Room  in Bhanwar singh palace- INR 12 - 15K

Cost of meal  in Bhanwar singh palace - INR 2 - 3 K

Cost of decor  in Bhanwar singh palace - INR 7 - 15 Lac

Cost of Event  in Bhanwar singh palace - INR 4 - 10 Lac

Regenta Resort Pushkar Fort, Pushkar

The Regenta Resort Pushkar Fort, which drew its design cues from the Rajasthani School of Architecture, is a testament to the illustrious past of Rajasthan. There are 50 Haveli Rooms, 12 Regal Heritage Rooms, and 8 Standard Rooms available at the resort. The resort's rooms and Havelis, which draw inspiration from Rajasthani architecture, have calming interiors with Rajasthani furnishings and a subdued décor using various shades of pastel colours. In-house restaurant Rajwada's culinary team serves up Indian, Chinese, and continental cuisine that tantalises the palette and leaves a lasting impression. Only this resort offers alcohol and non-vegetarian food in the area. Weddings, receptions, and birthday parties can all be planned here as well as other social events. Large fields at the resort can accommodate over 1000 people, making them ideal for a lavish wedding.

Rooms in Regenta Resort Pushkar Fort, Pushkar - 72

Cost of Room  in Regenta Resort Pushkar Fort, Pushkar - INR 9 - 12K

Cost of meal  in Regenta Resort Pushkar Fort, Pushkar - INR 1.5 - 3 K

Cost of decor  in Regenta Resort Pushkar Fort, Pushkar - INR 8 - 13 Lac

Cost of Event  in Regenta Resort Pushkar Fort, Pushkar - INR 3 - 7 Lac

Aaram Bagh

The Aaram baagh, which translates to "Garden of Rest" or "Pleasure Garden," is based on an ancient motif connected to former Maharajas or Royal families in the sense that it was used by them for unwinding and avoiding royal duties during the princely era. The former Maharajas and their Ranis occasionally visited the town's outskirts to unwind, rest, and enjoy themselves in a tranquil setting known as "AARAM BAaGH" in order to avoid doing royal tasks. The resort's 63 apartments, which include a palace, are modelled on the Persian, Greek, Arabian, Indian, Egyptian, and Chinese ancient civilizations.

16 Arabian royal suites, 12 Persian royal suites, 12 Egyptian royal suites, 12 Greek royal suites, and 8 Tribal villas make up the accommodation.

Rooms in Aaram Bagh - 63

Cost of Room in Aaram Bagh - INR 8 - 12K

Cost of meal in Aaram Bagh - INR 1.5 - 3 K

Cost of decor in Aaram Bagh - INR 7 - 10 Lac

Cost of Event in Aaram Bagh - INR 3 - 6 Lac


Pushkar Bagh

The Puskar Bagh is one of the many serene destinations of the city. With state of the art amenities and a high trained staff, the property offers nothing but a spectacular experience for all your wedding extravaganzas. Enjoy local cuisine and scrumptious meals prepared by skilled chefs. Dwell in Rajasthan’s magnificent views and electrifying atmosphere. There is no doubt that the Pushkar Bagh will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. Step into your married life at this angelic location

Rooms in Pushkar Bagh - 40

Cost of Room in Pushkar Bagh - INR 6 - 9K

Cost of meal in Pushkar Bagh - INR 1 - 2.5 K

Cost of decor in Pushkar Bagh - INR 5 - 10 Lac

Cost of Event in Pushkar Bagh - INR 2 - 8 Lac

Country side Resort

The Country Side Resort in Pushkar provides the ideal balance of convenience and peace. The resort enjoys a panoramic view of Pushkar's splendour as well as refreshing fresh and cool air. This resort's cutting-edge features and outstanding service leave visitors with wonderful recollections of the location. Pushkar Market is reachable on foot in 10 minutes. The Lord Brahma Temple is 15 minutes' walk away from a lush green garden, a swimming pool with crystal clear water, a mountain view, and a rose orchard. The resort is the perfect getaway for your guests as tourist destinations are close by. Do consider this lovely property for your big day

Rooms in Country side Resort- 54

Cost of Room in Country side Resort - INR 6 - 10K

Cost of meal in Country side Resort- INR 1 - 2 K

Cost of decor in Country side Resort - INR 3 - 6 Lac

Cost of Event in Country side Resort- INR 3- 5 Lac

Brahma Horizon

The Brahma Horizon is the pinnacle of comforts and luxury, offering you fantastic services and first-rate hospitality. Hotel Brahma Horizon, which is situated on Panchkund Road, has been demonstrating its attention to its clients' needs for years by upholding the name of loyalty and service to them. The hotel has generously sized rooms that are furnished with modern conveniences to suit your style and comfort. It also has one of its specialty restaurants that serves wonderful cuisines to make guests' stays unforgettable. The hotel also has a wonderful banquet hall to ensure that every event runs smoothly. Hotel Brahma Horizon, which is situated in the Aravali Hills, is the ideal resort for everyone because of its superb location, gorgeous architecture, and personalised services.

Rooms in Brahma Horizon - 38

Cost of Room in Brahma Horizon - INR 5- 8K

Cost of meal in Brahma Horizon - INR 1 - 2 K

Cost of decor in Brahma Horizon - INR 4 - 8 Lac

Cost of Event in Brahma Horizon - INR 2 - 6 Lac

Gulab niwas

A 5-minute walk will bring you to the town's centre and the family-run hotel known as Gulaab Niwaas. The hotel offers breathtaking views of Pushkar Lake and the surrounding hills from every angle because it was built on a sand dune! Gulaab Niwaas is the ideal place to stay if you want to visit the lovely town of Pushkar. It has an outdoor pool, open garden areas, a sun terrace, and a cafe and restaurant on-site. Brahma Temple is 10 minutes by foot from Gulaab Niwaas Palace, and Ajmer Railway Station is 14 kilometres away. It is 146 kilometres to the international airport of Jaipur. At the tour desk, you can make plans for sightseeing and exchange money. Guests can enjoy a selection of vegetarian dishes in the restaurant, which also offers room service. The location consists of various spaces and banquet halls to host memorable dinners and pre-wedding parties.

Rooms in Gulab niwas - 48

Cost of Room  in Gulab niwas - INR 5 - 9K

Cost of meal  in Gulab niwas - INR 1 - 3 K

Cost of decor  in Gulab niwas - INR 4 - 6 Lac

Cost of Event  in Gulab niwas - INR 2 - 5 Lac

Dera masuda

In its literal sense, the word "Dera" refers to a camp. Dera Masuda combines a dash of modern flair with the enchantment and splendour of the Raj Period. The magnificent architecture is built on the idea of "Uniformity in Diversity," and the furniture is extremely "swish." A design hotel resort called Dera Masuda caters to the affluent traveller seeking a respite from the stresses of life. The resort is conveniently situated with views of the gorgeous Aravali Ranges on one side and the Savitri Temple on a hill on the other. Guests can unwind by the pool or in the well-designed gardens as the sun sets while sipping a cocktail. There is no doubt that this wonderful location will make all your wedding dreams come true.

Rooms in Dera masuda - 30

Cost of Room in Dera masuda - INR 4 - 7K

Cost of meal in Dera masuda - INR 1 - 2 K

Cost of decor in Dera masuda - INR 4 - 6 Lac

Cost of Event in Dera masuda- INR 2 - 5 Lac

Sahdev Bagh

The hotel is a luxurious haven that is both contemporary and modern, tucked away from the city's bustle but still close to everything you need. The fine dining alternatives enhance your visit and create the mood for a delightful experience. In our luxurious accommodations, you may relax in opulence and take the time to admire the opulent views the hotel has to offer. Our Pushkar suites and rooms are dispersed lazily over various resort floors. They combine the outward simplicity of the terrain with opulent accents that add to the stylish, modern Rajasthani design.

Rooms in Sahdev Bagh - 50

Cost of Room  in Sahdev Bagh - INR 4 - 7K

Cost of meal  in Sahdev Bagh - INR 1 - 2 K

Cost of decor  in Sahdev Bagh - INR 4 - 6 Lac

Cost of Event  in Sahdev Bagh - INR 2 - 5 Lac


We hope that this list of destination wedding venues in Pushkar helps you in finding the best location for your dream wedding. A venue plays a huge role in a wedding celebration. So do take your time and go through this list of venues to choose the perfect venue.


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