Engagement party ideas for 2022

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    20 Jul-2022

Engagement party ideas for 2022

It's time to celebrate by popping the champagne now that you have the engagement ring and the partner of your dreams. While a traditional engagement party is always a good idea, we understand that you want to add something special to your celebration. We've gathered creative suggestions for unorthodox engagement parties that let friends and family in on the enjoyable parts of your relationship. There are many original engagement party ideas that are sure to be a hit, whether you're a movie fanatic, an art enthusiast, a sports fan, or just enjoy any reason to hold a themed gathering.The year 2022 has been all about innovative ideas and creativity. People are opting the ‘Less is more’ principle and are coming up with elegant and mesmerising themes for their engagement celebrations. Here at LMW, we strive to provide you with the best ideas so as to simplify your decision making. Take a look at the list we have curated especially for you.

Get on the dance floor

It should go without saying that your engagement ceremony must include a couple's dance. So all you traditional and hatke brides, don't be afraid to put on a show for your special someone. Although the pair dance is fantastic, is an Indian wedding even considered a wedding without a full dhamaka? Get everyone in the family dancing to music chosen especially for your family wedding performance. Not to be forgotten are your friends, or the bride squad. Get your bridesmaids and groomsmen to dance to your favourite wedding tunes to fully enjoy this special day.

Credits: laam.pk

Special words

Having a few amazing words spoken by the closest of your friends or family on your engagement day can bring you tears of joy. If it's your best friend that’s getting married, you will most definitely have to come up with the best speech of all time. Make sure that they have the happiest day of their lives today. Taking the stage to speak a few sincere words about the bride, the groom, or them as a pair is one of the most original, considerate, and lovely engagement party ideas. They'll smile about this for the rest of their life!

Credits:  La Petite Photo

Something sweet

Who doesn’t love a slice of cake? An engagement party is a celeration. What better excuse to have a stunning cake baked for this grand occasion? Cutting gorgeous wedding cakes at wedding events is another custom that originated in the west but is now assimilating into Indian wedding culture. You might get a cake that matches the theme of your engagement celebration or perhaps represents your shared interests. Oh! On your special night, be sure to cut the cake with your companion.

Credits: youtu.be

A video montage

What better way to commemorate the union of the bride and groom than a video filled with their most offend memories? Let the video include all their fun moments, the trips taken together, time spent with friends and family etc.  Make a sweet video for the couple to include with their photos and videos, that's great thought. You may also include a romantic song and a reel of the couple's pre-wedding photos and videos to illustrate the couple's love story and journey.

Credits: modwedding.com

Add colour

Adding a bit of vibrance to your decor can play a huge role in changing the entire vibe of  the celebration. We recommend using the brightest and most beautiful colours elegantly to bring out the beauty of the engagement party. Be careful as to not go overboard and refrain from using extremely contrasting colours as this may prove to be disastrous. 

Credits: brides.com

Planning an engagement party is not as tasking as it seems. Having the right idea in mind along with the right amount of help can make a huge difference. You can start with this list here to make things easy for you!



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