Guide to bridal Mehendi

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    31 Aug-2022

Guide to bridal Mehendi

In the course of our lives, ladies often get mehndi applied on their hands, but bridal mehndi is only done once. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for future brides to be on the hunt for the BEST mehndi design. For us, it MUST incorporate personalized components and should portray the couple's history or be a representation of the bride's favorite things. Be it a classic full-hand design or a minimalist mehndi, adding individualized touches elevates the bridal mehndi to a whole new level of uniqueness. And who better to demonstrate this to us than accomplished mehndi artists and actual brides? There’s a lot that goes into an intricate Mehendi design. But don't worry. We are here to provide you with a complete style guide to have the perfect Mehendi for your wedding.

The day before the big day

You definitely shouldn't pass up the opportunity to enjoy yourself at your own mehndi ceremony. As a result, make it a point to get your mehndi applied either the day before or maybe the morning of your mehndi ceremony. By doing this, you will be able to fully enjoy your mehndi and won't regret spending hours sitting in the same chair watching your loved ones dance.


Mani pedi

Since Mehendi goes on the hands and feet, it is essential that you get your manicures and pedicures done beforehand so that your feet and hand look beautiful and perfectly compliment your mehndi design. The colour of your mehndi will be darker the less you dip your Mehendi-covered hands and feet in the water. This is why scheduling your manicure and pedicure appointments at least 2-3 days before your mehendi ceremony is always advised.


Trusted artist

Make sure the artist you've chosen is mindful of what you love to have drawn on your pals and not draw what is convenient or easy for them. make sure they are understanding your preferences and show them designs of heat you wish to see. This would be beneficial for the artist and for you as well. Sometimes your mehndi artist will treble the price at the last minute simply to add a caricature or an extra paisley design to your mehndi. In order to avoid any confusion later, it is always usually preferable to confirm their prices and additional fees in advance.

Credits: pinterest

Air dry your mehndi

This step is essential as it will determine how dark your mehndi will appear. Do not try out any new methods and do not subject your palms to hot air from blow dryers in order to dry your mehndi faster. This is not only unnecessary but can also lead to irritated skin. It is usually ideal to let the mehndi on your hands dry naturally, even though sitting in the sun or using a blow dryer can always help your henna dry faster. You should absolutely take this into account, particularly because you are aware that the natural process can aid in the development of heavier stains.


Stay away from crowds

It takes quite a lot of time to draw out the perfect mehndi design. While getting your,mehndi done, we suggest you sit in open spaces with plenty of room. Because you're the bride, it goes without saying that you'll spend the duration of your wedding festivities surrounded by friends and relatives. However, be careful to avoid being surrounded by too many people when getting your Mehendi applied. There are simply too many people and minds! An accident bump into your hands can cause damage to the design and no easy way to repair it. It will be quite a hassle. 

Credits: Fashion ideas and Henna art

Easy breezy clothes

Mehendi takes quite a lot of time to dry. This means no frequent visits to the washroom, no change of clothes and so much more. You would want to be most comfortable during this time. Opt for comfortable pants and shirts that are easy to take off without disrupting your design.


We hope you follow these tips as they can be helpful for your mehndi celebrations. Planning ahead and being mindful of certain things can take away a huge amount of stress from the wedding planning and also will keep you better prepared to face issues.


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