Say Hola! to your save the dates wedding cards

  • By rhea yadav

    30 Jul-2020

Twists in wedding cards



Wedding invitations are one of the crucial arrangements we have to make for the wedding. Nowadays, there are number of ways to design your wedding invitations. As we follow the trends too much especially when it comes to our wedding we cannot resist with ongoing trends and market research. The boring formal invitations have really gone out of date. The wedding invites are not a formality, but it’s a way to take blessings and expressing yourself.  For your big day it is really important to consider everything with lot of importance so, It’s time to go with the trend and find some attractive wedding cards for your wedding to make your guests happy when they open it.





Digital wedding cards





You know about current pandemic situation affecting every work and lifestyle. You all are worrying about how to send the wedding invites as the corona season is not allowing anyone to go anywhere.  Distributing the wedding cards in this corona year is not an option . It has too any risks but yes, definitely we have the solution for this situation without affecting your wedding dreams. You can make your wedding card as memorable as your wedding. We are talking about digital or E wedding invites. It has too any benefits like zero wastage of paper and use of any other material. The best part is you can send it by any digital Mode and that’s why it is super comfortable and easy .If you are a really a busy bee and want to have zero contact with others.

we would highly recommend this sort of card so that you are safe at your place and your wedding wishes are not ruined.

Cute animated invites



This one is totally adorable. No invitation card is as cute as this one .It shows a cute couple story along with eye catching elements and cute miniatures. Well, we will only name it “cute”. If you are fond of cartoons and gets attracted to them, then this one is all you need.

Wedding box invitations



We cannot go for basic wedding cards in the modern era. We always look out for luxurious invites so that it attracts our guests and for some of them it’s like status symbol also.  You must go with wedding box invitations, if you love something luxurious and attractive.

Laser cut invites



With Soaring high in popularity laser cut invites are much in trend They are very light- weight and unique in their own way The intricate design made by laser cut is really interesting and perfect for beautiful royal weddings. Getting this timeless and beautiful laser cut invitations for your wedding will be a good idea.

Tip- Choose your wedding invite according to your wedding theme.

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