How to Dress up for a 2020 Summer Wedding

  • By Rimika laddha

    12 Sep-2020

How to Dress up for a 2020 Summer Wedding?

I’m not sure about what makes you excited but for me, a small wedding invite is enough. Being a social butterfly, I’m fond of attending family get-togethers, college reunions, and formal occasions like a wedding.

A wedding is about creating lasting memories with your loved ones. And I think nothing can be better than that. You have a reason to be happy, joyous, dance, and gorge on scrumptious meals. However, one major issue that I encounter a week before the event is choosing the perfect outfit. Surprisingly, my wardrobe is full of elegant and classy ethnic dresses. But, I am in a dilemma when the question of ‘what to wear’ pops up in my head. I guess it’s an issue with many young girls. 

In the last month, a few of my friends shared interesting fashion blogs on ‘special occasion dresses for weddings.’ Utilizing my spare time during the COVID times in research, I have finally found the answer to “what is the perfect way to dress for a wedding event?’' 

The response may vary from person to person and situation to situation. However, I and my team at LuxuryMywedding Work have put together a list of ideal wedding wears for girls and boys. Hope you enjoy reading it as much I loved penning this down for you.

Outdoor Wedding:

Have to go to a beach-themed wedding or any outdoor summer event this weekend? But you have nothing good to slip into? Well, firstly calm down! 

Experts suggest that natural clothing such as cotton, linen are an ideal choice for weddings held in open spaces like parks, gardens, or marriage halls. 

Summers are warm but the heat can be harsh on your skin. Therefore, go for light-weight occasion wear for weddings. Accessorize them with minimal jewelry and comfortable footwear. A man can put on a suit and a tie in a palate to blend in with the summer theme. The most important thing is comfort when it comes to garments. Thus, be yourself and walk in with grace and confidence.

How to Dress up for a 2020 Summer Wedding

Indoor Wedding:

Contrary to outdoor events, indoor functions demand a different set of attires. Girls can put on synthetic fabric including polyester or rayon considering that banquet halls have a cooler temperature due to air conditioning. 

In an indoor-gardening theme, you can don darker shades but avoid being too showy. An evening gown with little bit embroidery is apt to steal the show. Make sure that your heels are easy to carry.

Tips for Men:

I have often seen that men settle for a more casual look in a semi-formal setting. However, it does not give the right impression.  On the other hand, it is not necessary to flaunt your 3-piece suit. Rather opt for a full-sleeves white buttoned shirt and pair it up with a navy blue blazer. This combination rarely goes out of style. Alternatively, wear a James Bond styled tuxedo for a formal occasion. 

Tips for Women:

For an informal occasion, floral dresses are good to go while donning on a pretty gown for a traditional wedding. Jazz up the look with a pair of designer heels.

Bonus Tips:

Navy blue is the savior on all occasions. Luckily, I have plenty of ‘blues.’ It compliments every skin tone and event. So, if you fall short of dress options, then go out with this color. 

Have any queries or in need of assistance? Connect with our wedding vendors comprising planners, caterers, designers, make-up artists, musicians, photographers, decorators and artists. 

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