Avoid Trying these 5 Things Prior Your V-day.

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    21 Jan-2022

Avoid Trying these 5 Things Prior Your V-day

Ticking off your wedding to-do list is a satisfying feeling, yet did anybody tell you about the things that you must refrain from in your wedding week? If not, then don’t you worry. Our team of wedding planners has curated a list of not-to-do tasks like a change in skincare routine or signing in for a new hair treatment, that you must be careful about before your V-day. Read further to learn them all.

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Last-minute DIYs: DIY adds a personal touch to your weddings. However, starting out a week before is not the best thing to do. Generally, couples prefer DIY to save a hundred thousand bucks, but seldom it ends up raising your wedding budget. Thus, refrain from engaging in such activities at the last minute, rather connect with agencies to get done in a  customized way. 

New Hair treatment: Hair is the most prominent feature of your personality. If you get your tresses chopped, then it transforms your entire bridal look. Thus, experimenting with your hair locks or getting color treatment may turn out to be the most regretful decision of your life. 

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Conversing about Important Issues: I have witnessed couples discussing particularly sensitive issues like career, family planning, and dowry a week before the wedding. I understand that talking about such subjects is imperative, but there has to be a specific time for it. You may converse about it a couple of months from the celebrations. 

Change in Workout Regime: A wedding needs a great deal of effort and patience. A new exercise routine may either work or not work well for you. Thus, if you have plans to integrate any workout schedule, then save it to a later date. Or consult your personal trainers before incorporating a fresh exercise plan. 

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Managing Everything Yourself: One of my cousins was so engrossed in her nuptial preparations that she forgot to do the most important thing- delegate the crucial tasks to her bridesmaid or close peers or family. Don’t you dare to commit the same mistake. Indulge yourself in pampering sessions or getting the ideal bridal appearance you have been dreaming about. Assign a reliable buddy or a family member to check in with the various wedding professionals, including caterers, decorators, photographers, and planners.’ If you want to manage everything, you will end up managing nothing. So, better act prudently and save time for more essential things at hand.’, adds wedding photographers in Jaipur. 

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Getting bothered by trivial details: I recall an instance about my friend who did not allow the pandit to go ahead with the pheras because the wedding mandap was not bedecked the way she wanted. She literally entreated the florist and made it fixed at past midnight. It is essential to understand that a wedding is not about the flowers or the setting, it is about you and your partner. Instead of getting swayed away by anxiety, keep calm and savor the moment. 

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All the brides and grooms out there, be wary so that you do not regret it later. If you have an awkward wedding experience to share, we are listening to you. Drop your comments and warn the to-be-weds from disasters you encountered. 

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Avoid Trying these 5 Things Prior Your V-day.

Ticking off your wedding to-do list is a satisfying feeling, yet did anybody tell you about the things that you must refrain from in your wedding week.

By Editorial team, 21 Jan-2022

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