2021 Wedding Food Trends Revealed

  • By Editorial team

    22 Mar-2021

2021 Wedding Food Trends Revealed

I don’t remember attending a wedding in 2020, the number of weddings that took place the preceding year was limited. But in 2021, experts suggest that there will be more lavish weddings. So if you are one of those couples who are looking forward to tying the knots post-covid, be prepared to witness some significant changes when it comes to the wedding menu. 

We’ve compiled a list of wedding menu trends that are likely to transform the wedding industry this year. Let’s have a look at them:

Food Trucks: We have all enjoyed takeaways from local food trucks. But have it ever occurred to put the same at your wedding site. Surely seems like a cool idea. Such modern food stations allow guests to maintain social distancing while having a good time with their peers and family. 

Plant-based alternatives: Covid has made all of us question our food habits. Eating healthy has become the vogue now. Contrary to earlier times when people were on the lookout for junk, now they are slowly moving towards healthy alternatives. Thus, incorporating plant-based options into your wedding menu is a way forward. Why only that, feel free to add vegan, all-vegetarian alterations and allow ameliorated experience to your guests. The best part is that as the affairs have turned intimate, implementing this new set-up has become a cakewalk. 

Outdoor food stations: With the onset of the virus, more people are opting for outdoor cooking. There is a decline in indoor weddings and events to an extent post-Covid. As you walk into a wedding, be ready to relish scrumptious delicacies like pizza, chaat, sizzlers, and more in an outdoor setting. What’s more, is that the taste and flavors of the food have just got better.

 Farm to Fork: The concept of farm to fork is not old, however, it is likely to take a new meaning this season. Guests can savor locally sourced fruits and vegetables due to the interruption in the global supply chain post-Covid. Keeping in mind the old adage. ‘Eat healthily, feel healthy', the guests are going to gulp down some beautifully presented food items. 


Don’t fret if you’ve missed out on the lavish and extravagant affairs amidst Covid-19. The couples are going a step ahead in delivering an unmatchable experience. Ready or not, you are up for a treat. 

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2021 Wedding Food Trends Revealed

I don’t remember attending a wedding in 2020, the number of weddings that took place the preceding year was limited

By Editorial team, 22 Mar-2021
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