5 tips to select bridal jewelry

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    02 Jun-2021

5 tips to select bridal jewelry

It’s every girl’s dream to be the princess at her wedding. With all eyes on her, she should sure look the part, and what better way to captivate the eyes than exquisite bridal jewelry. Undoubtledly, bridal jewelry adds glam to the bride’s aura and forms a significant part of her wedding trousseau. At the time when you are settling in with your new family, you often tend to miss out on the nuances of your shopping. Planning of jewelry should be done beforehand as any kind of jewelry requires a month if it has to be made as per requirements. We suggest planning of the jewelry be made as soon as the wedding date is fixed. Let us provide you with a few tips and tricks to minimize your bridal frets. Jewelry is the central aspect for every bride around the world. Especially in countries such as India, jewelry occupies a prime place in weddings. For all those brides awaiting their big day, here are a few pointers that would surely make picking out your bridal jewelry hassle-free.


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 Understanding your neckline

Some women have a prominent and broad neckline while others have a fairly delicate and narrow neckline. Understanding your neckline should be of utmost importance while shopping for your bridal jewelry. Necklaces that compliment a certain neckline might prove to be inappropriate to other necklines. A bib necklace would not be recommended to someone with a small neckline. It could potentially overshadow other elements of the bridal jewelry making the entire look a fashion disaster. It would be more suited to someone with a broad neckline as it accentuates their prominent features. Hence evaluate your necklines before picking out your jewelry as it is an important aspect of your bridal attire.


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Understanding the color of your jewelry

The color of your jewelry can do wonders in bringing together your entire bridal avatar. Observing some of the south Indian jewelry, you will notice that they come in different shades of yellow or a faint brownish tinge. This is the result of countless hours spent by goldsmiths crafting the piece. It is a common practice to match the tone of the jewelry with the tone of your Sarees or Lehengas. This ensures uniformity throughout the attire which contributes to an elegant ensemble bound to look stunning in every way. New trends in the industry include pastels with diamond jewelry which is sure to turn some heads. With that being said do not include too many colors and multicolored jewelry is a big nono. This will make the look messy and removes attention from the overall beauty of the bride. Also make sure that the metal of the jewelry suits your skin tone.



Earrings that match your hairstyle

While preparing for your big day, do consider picking out a hairstyle that matches your earring. Earrings are an essential part of bridal jewelry and it’s important to give them their spotlight without covering them under locks of hair. Choose a style that subtly highlights your earrings but make sure to not go too overboard with it. Some earrings go well with a bun while others go well with braided hair. Hence it is necessary to take a small demo of your bridal jewelry along with the attire. To make sure everything is in sync and changes if necessary can be made before the big day. This will provide you a clear picture for better alterations.


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Detachable heavy jewelry pieces

Wedding jewelry is often heavy and can be rarely used on any other occasion than one’s wedding. Due to their heavy and flamboyant looks, they aren’t quite suited for any other occasion. Hence it can be handy to invest in detachable jewelry pieces as one can customize them to their whim and fancy, making them suitable for numerous other celebrations. Keeping view the rising demand for such items, many pieces are readily available in shops, especially for earrings and necklaces.



Select the perfect rings

From nose rings to toe rings, trendy designs have taken the industry by storm. Be mindful in choosing the perfect nose ring which matches your personality. The trend of wearing a ‘nath’ is not just limited to northern parts of India but is in vogue all over the country. It is important to choose a nose ring that suits your face’s shape and compliments your facial features to give that exquisite look. It is also necessary to wear a large colorful ring on the middle finger, adding that extra bit of oomph to the entire bridal look. Stylish toe rings and matching anklets are also key elements of bridal jewelry. A wide range of toe rings is available in the market today including studded ones that can be matched with one’s dress.


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