5 tips for the brides-to-be

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    04 Jun-2021

5 tips for the brides-to-be

When your special day is around the corner, it is natural to get anxious that all eyes are on you. Months are spent deciding the wedding date, the invitations, and not to mention the decorations. With so many preparations going on simultaneously and numerous decisions that are to be made, one does end up in an overwhelming situation. The thoughts of clothing and accessories consume every bride's waking moment. Amidst all the organizing, the bride forgets to take care of the most important thing- herself. Accurate planning and prioritizing are bound to ease some of the tension. Be mindful as to not overdo things that could eventually wear you out. Let us provide you with a few tips which are effective in combatting those pre-wedding jitters and calm your nerves.



Adequate sleep

Getting about 7-8 hours of good sleep every single night is not only super beneficial for your overall health and wellness, but is also the easiest way to achieve healthier-looking skin. Beauty sleep is the perfect way to eradicate dark circles, puffy eyes, and dull skin. The right amount of sleep is sure to improve your skin giving you that extra boost of confidence on your wedding day. Our skin heals and repairs itself when we sleep. With the excessive plannings, meetings, and schedules leading up to the big day, it is possible to lose track of time and thereby minimizing your amount of sleep. Quality sleep must be of utmost importance as it is not only essential for your skin but also minimizes stress, decreases irritability, thus making sure you are all set for your D-day.


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Skincare is an absolute must and it is crucial to start prepping your skin in advance to ensure that you look stunning on your wedding day. For most of you brides-to-be, a common concern would be to find the right makeup or the perfect look. But unless you have healthy, well-hydrated skin, your efforts of finding the perfect look might not earn the desired results. Begin by consuming hydrating fruits to ensure a glow from within. Drink plenty of water and include green leafy vegetables such as lettuce and broccoli in your diet. Three months before the wedding is an ideal time to begin religiously taking care of your skin. Refrain from consuming oily and salty. Go for deep cleansing facials about once a month to prevent acne and minimize discoloration of the skin. Weekly exfoliation and homemade face masks are an excellent choice in improving your skin. Start consuming foods that will give you glowing skin such as salmon, pistachios, cinnamon, dark chocolate, and peppermint. Fruit facial packs with mashed apples or mashed papaya are the best way to retain the effects of clinical treatments. Also, make sure you apply sunscreen diligently.


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Exercise and yoga

Exercise and yoga not only help us get in shape but are also beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety which tend to surround us during wedding preparations. Planning can be an arduous task draining us of peace of mind, making us irritable and gloomy. Set an hour or so for yourself every morning and practice mild stretches and yoga. You can also hit the gym if you’re looking for a more vigorous fitness routine. It is also necessary to avoid crash dieting or aggressive fitness regimes as this can only add to additional strain causing more harm than good. For a toned figure, do consult a dietitian and a personnel trainer. Keep in mind never to go overboard as health must be a priority.


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For centuries meditation has proven mighty useless in managing stress, reducing anxiety, and improving overall mental health. Meditating for as little as 15 minutes will yield noticeable results. Try and think of positive thoughts and affirmations. Think about the happy times and soothe your minds as things do get chaotic when the wedding day comes closer and closer. You will feel serene, and the wedding will feel like a breeze. As a bonus, inner peace will lead us to better wedding photos.


Beautiful hands and feet

Keep your hands and feet hydrated and soft by massaging them with olive oil before going to bed at night. Do try out hand and feet masks for extra results. Supple hands and feet are very important as you shall be flaunting them with complimenting jewelry. Use a pumice stone while bathing to get rid of excess dead skin cells and finish up with a generous amount of moisturizer. Polished nails give an added appeal to your entire wedding look. Do opt for monthly manicures and pedicures for that extra oomph.


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Following these simple tips will surely make you feel beautiful inside out, alleviating some of the common worries. Our ultimate advice would be to stay happy and enjoy every single process leading up to the big day. 

Hope you liked these tips and be sure to leave feedback.


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