Unique wedding decor ideas

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    10 Jun-2021

Unique wedding decor ideas

India wedding decorations have surpassed conventional norms over the past few years. Gone are the cliched floral arrangements and scrunched-up drapes. Couples these days have embraced the idea of a themed wedding and who can forget the extravagant destination weddings? As Indians, we sure love our rich culture and heritage, and every ounce of it can be seen in our wedding decor. With ever-evolving trends and creative new minds of decorators brimming up with unique and fresh ideas, Indian wedding decorations have changed tremendously over the years. And quite amazingly, the industry shows no signs of slowing down. From the simplest elements to an entire set theme, weddings these days sure pack a punch with vibrant decor. Wedding decor is a big part of pulling off the wedding you want since so much of the decor will bring together the look and feel of your special day. Brides are making choices to add in dramatic flowers, create an industrial look with a metal arch, and use tables with no linens to stand out.

 What started as a simple sofa setting with a floral backdrop and carpeted stage has now evolved into the main attraction of any wedding. From minimalistic and subtle decor to enchanting princely ones, the vast spectrum of wedding stage decor has a lot to offer.

  Let us provide you with some insight into wedding decor which can surely make wedding planning a hassle-free experience. We’ve compiled some of the leading trends and eye-catchy designs which you can incorporate into your big day.


 Picture credits: FNP gardens                  

Peach and floral

The subtle peach-colored decor is the epitome of elegance and beauty. This minimalistic decor has been dominating the industry for quite some time now. The sheer beauty of the mesmerizing flowers is amplified against a peach background, making it an ideal backdrop for any wedding. We primarily recommend white and maroon flowers for this pairing. Since peach is a mid-tone color numerous other flower combinations will do just as well. This setting with golden fairy lights will create a magical atmosphere perfect for exchanging vows. Be sure to include peachy drapes, flowy floral blooms, and foliage accents to give that special heavenly feel. Vintage candle holders and a brass white sofa will add a royal touch to the backdrop.

  Picture credits: impressionsphotographybymohit

The bold red and gold

Red and gold are the perfect combinations if you are looking for a royal wedding backdrop. Gold drapes with bright red flowers are an excellent choice for a breathtaking setting The addition of vintage vases combined with olive drapes can accentuate this wedding decor. Be sure to go for a matching sofa and include and deep-red carpet to perfect this setting.


Stars and shimmer

One can argue that there is no such thing as too much glitter. True to the title, this wedding decor is infused with stars, glitter, gold, and heavenly things, leaving you in a magnificent slice of paradise. With shimmery gold strings, hand-crafted flowers, and silver hanging ornaments, this setting is breathtaking. Be sure to add rustic candles, a sofa with gold trimmings, and lanterns. Nothing more is needed for this classic and magical decoration.

Decor that matches the bride and groom

We all love our share of themed weddings. What’s not to love? The uniformity has its perks as we get color-coordinated wedding photos to cherish. This wedding decor is curated to be in complete harmony with the bride and groom’s attire. We recommend bright and bold colors that don’t clash and create a uniform and beautiful setting. Here is our pick from studiokelly photography, which has brilliantly captured this bride’s haldi ceremony in all its color-coordinated glory

Picture credits:studiokellyphotography

Rustic and mythical

 A wedding is a fairytale as it is, but why not take it up a notch. Enchanting brass lanterns, golden lights, and rustic trees are all you need for this suave setting. This wedding decor is sure to transport you to a faraway magical land and leave you with lasting memories. This decor is sure to be a grand one. We recommend you include rustic types of furniture and maroon drapes and minimal use of flowers. One can opt for pine or any other earthy decor. Check out this rustic-themed wedding shot by studiokelly.

LED signages

LED signages are currently taking over the wedding décor scene! From cocktail parties to weddings, they are everywhere and they are adding just the right dose of wedding fun to the décor. From sweet and romantic love quotes to fun and crazy ones for cocktail parties, they are super trendy right now. A bonus is that they are customizable. So choose your favorite quote to suit the occasion and spice up the wedding.

                                        Picture credits: studiokellyphotography                                                  

Pastels and foliage

Pastels are quite the trend this season. Numerous couples have included this pallet as their key element of wedding decor. Paired with the right amount of flowers and foliage, this decor is sure to transform your venue into a heavenly abode. Use vintage furniture, paired with cushions to elevate this entire setting. Minimalistic yet elegant in every way, observe how well the colors pair with the beauty of the flowers in these moments captured by elementsdesign

                                             Picture credits: elementsdesign                                               

An expanse of white

White symbolizes purity and elegance. What better color than white for your wedding decor? An expanse of all-white royalty is a perfect fit if you are looking for something truly heavenly. We suggest pairing this setting with stunning lighting as it is sure to add a special touch to the stage design. Laser-cut ceilings and backdrops with huge mogra chandeliers are an excellent choice.



                         Picture credits: FNP gardens                                                       

Floral Moon Gates
One of the new wedding reception trends this year and seem to just be picking up steam is the floral moon gates. This twist on the classic wedding arch makes for the prettiest flower trend we have seen in quite some time and is the perfect backdrop for any ceremony. Florists can create full or half-moon gates and can be done using a variety of flowers. This gate is ideal for a bohemian, field, or beach wedding. It makes for a perfect photo booth as well.


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