Top 10 destination wedding venues in Jaipur under 30 lakhs

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    19 Jun-2021

Top 10 destination wedding venues in jaipur under 30 lakhs

Who doesn't love weddings? The sheer magnitude of excitement in the air, the shimmering decor, the mouth-watering delicacies, vibrant outfits are some of the major reasons why weddings are such a celebration. For the perfect wedding, one deserves the perfect venue. And budget-friendly venues are a bonus. With superior facilities at admirable prices, an excess of stunning wedding venues is awaiting you. 

ITC Rajputana

The ITC Rajputana is a magnificent venue inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan’s infamous Havelis. Located in the heart of the city this venue welcomes its guests with open arms to immerse themselves in the euphoria of the old royal days. With elegant red brick exteriors, long corridors, and secluded courtyards one can't help but be swept away by this enchanting home away from home. 

The aesthetic water fountains are sure to add an interesting touch to your much-awaited wedding photoshoots. Its arresting modern uncluttered stature is one of the reasons why you should consider hosting your fairytale wedding here at the ITC Rajputana

ITC Rajputana, Jaipur wedding cost:

No. Of rooms at ITC Rajputana - 218

Cost of rooms at ITC Rajputana - INR 9000 - 15000

Cost of meals at ITC Rajputana - INR 2000 - 3500

Cost of decor at ITC Rajputana -INR 8 Lac - 25 Lac      

Cost of event & entertainment at ITC Rajputana - INR 7 Lac - 20 Lac


Indana Palace

Looking for a palatial marvel to host a royal and grand wedding? The Indana palace should be your top pick. This robust landmark with its grand stone entry porch and handcrafted doorways will leave you and your guests transfixed. Designed to provide the best of what Rajasthan has to offer, The Indana palace manages to leave no stone unturned with its state-of-the-art facilities and modern amenities, ensuring you with an unforgettable wedding experience at a convenient budget. 

The luxurious marble interiors and intricate wood and gold-leaf work are sure to capture one's eye. Situated at a convenient location not too far from the city yet far enough to enjoy peace and serenity, this wedding venue is sure to tick all your boxes.

Indana Palace, Jaipur wedding cost:

No. Of rooms at Indana Palace - 118

Cost of rooms at Indana Palace  - INR 8000 - 14000

Cost of meals at Indana Palace -  INR 1800 - 3000

Cost of decor at Indana Palace -  INR 7 Lac - 25 Lac      

Cost of event & entertainment at Indana Palace -INR  5 Lac - 15 Lac

Taj Devi Ratn

The Taj Devi Ratn is the place to be if you are looking for a picturesque backdrop to exchange vows. With breathtaking views of the Aravalli ranges, this venue is sure to entice you with its stunning beauty and world-class services. The venue thoroughly blends heritage with design spreading its vast beauty over 20 acres of landscaped gardens and scenic views that will leave you spellbound.

 A true sight to behold, the Taj Devi Ratn is the ultimate destination wedding venue. The venue takes its inspiration from Jantar Mantar’s astronomical observatory embracing Rajasthan’s exuberant culture.

Taj Devi Ratn, Jaipur wedding cost:

No. Of rooms at Taj Devi Ratn - 62

Cost of rooms at Taj Devi Ratn  - INR 11000 - 18000

Cost of meals at Taj Devi Ratn - INR 2200 - 3300

Cost of decor at Taj Devi Ratn -  INR 9 Lac - 30 Lac      

Cost of event & entertainment at Taj Devi Ratn - INR 8 Lac - 25 Lac

Zone Palace by the Park

The culturally rich city of Jaipur never fails to impress us with its magnificence. The Zone Palace is one such beauty located in Jaipur that is ideal to host a destination wedding. Weddings happen once in a lifetime, allowing the well-trained professionals and staff at The Zone Palace to provide you with a wedding experience you'll never forget.

 With incomparable services offered at pocket-friendly rates, this luxurious venue is sure to be your top pick. The Zone Palace vows to make your wedding a grand affair for you and your guests. Unparalleled decor, unmatched ambiance, and enchanting surroundings provide you with the perfect setting for a memorable wedding ceremony. So hurry up and book your wedding at The Zone Palace, Jaipur. We assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Zone Palace, Jaipur wedding cost:

No. Of rooms at Zone Palace - 106

Cost of rooms at Zone Palace - INR 8500 - 13000

Cost of meals at Zone Palace - INR 1800 - 3000

Cost of decor at Zone Palace - INR 8 Lac - 25 Lac      

Cost of event & entertainment at Zone Palace - INR 6 Lac - 20 Lac

Rajasthali Resort

The Rajasthali Resort Jaipur is the perfect combination of modernity paired with tradition. This luxury retreat is set in a ravishing harmony of comfort and luxury. Embracing Rajasthan’s vast culture, the resort offers unmatched hospitality and comfort.

 With meticulously curated decor and settings, the venue makes sure to cater to your every need and provides you with the wedding of your dreams. An outdoor pool and pampering spa will leave you rejuvenated and eradicates any presence of stress or worries. The clear view of the Aravalli hills gives this venue a magical feel.

Rajasthali Resort, Jaipur wedding cost:

No. Of rooms at Rajasthali Resort - 90

Cost of rooms Rajasthali Resort- INR  8500 - 14000

Cost of meals Rajasthali Resort - INR 1500 - 3500

Cost of decor Rajasthali Resort - INR 10 Lac - 30 Lac      

Cost of event & entertainment  Rajasthali Resort -INR 7 Lac - 27 Lac

Samode Palace

With stunning terrace gardens accompanied by folk musicians and breathtaking decor, the Samode Palace offers nothing but the best. Run your fingers and walk under roofs steeped in ancient stories and the essence of the a that forever lives on amidst the uneven walls of this sanctuary. The palace is the epitome of Indo-Saracenic architecture that combines both Mughal and Indian styles.

 Its 475-year-old history is a strong presence that carries you away to another time, another era far away from the bustle of city life. Furnished rooms, fine dining, mesmerizing decor, and scrumptious Indian delicacies are a few of the reasons why you should have your big fat wedding at the Samode Palace.

Samode Palace, Jaipur wedding cost:

No. Of rooms at Samode Palace - 43

Cost of rooms at Samode Palace - INR 10000 - 15000

Cost of meals at Samode Palace - INR 2500 - 5000

Cost of decor at Samode Palace - INR 8 Lac - 25 Lac      

Cost of event & entertainment at Samode Palace - INR 5 Lac - 20 Lac

Buena Vista

The Buena Vista, Jaipur is the perfect embodiment of natural beauty and majestic ambiance. This French architectural masterpiece is a true haven. A destination wedding here will leave you with experiences that linger on forever. The venue is a perfect pairing of French design and Indian tradition. 

 The Buena Vista provides a plethora of options too good to be true. With private pools, private gardens, spacious villas, and allure ambiance, this venue will offer a perfect backdrop for your big day. The royal villas are a perfect retreat that offers its guests relaxation and rejuvenation. With suites laid out to embrace unparalleled views and landscaped gardens, the Buena Vista has it all! Enliven your senses as you pander in a mystical land steeped in tranquility and elegance.

Buena Vista, Jaipur wedding cost:

No. Of rooms - 52

Cost of rooms at Buena Vista  - INR 11000 - 18000

Cost of meals at Buena Vista - INR 2000 - 4000

Cost of decor at Buena Vista - INR 7 Lac - 20 Lac      

Cost of event & entertainment at Buena Vista - INR 5 Lac - 18 Lac

Jaibagh Palace

The Jaibagh Palace is a spiritual and vibrant abode nestled amidst nature’s marvel-the Aravalli ranges. The serene location makes this venue a perfect setting for a destination wedding. The luxury interiors and cozy rooms are sure to provide comfort, peace, and satisfaction.

 The palace, being a perfect fusion of modern and ancient treasures, has luxurious interiors, beautiful gardens rejuvenating pools that not only invoke a sense of deep calmness but are sure to enhance your spirits. With the finest chefs serving you the finest meals, the Jaibagh palace is sure to keep you happy and wanting more. Your wedding is sure to be a grand success in this magnificent venue.

Jaibagh Palace, Jaipur wedding cost:

No. Of rooms at Jaibagh Palace - 63

Cost of rooms at Jaibagh Palace - INR 7000 - 13000

Cost of meals at Jaibagh Palace - INR 1500 - 3000

Cost of decor at Jaibagh Palace - INR 7 Lac - 25 Lac      

Cost of event & entertainment at Jaibagh Palace - INR 5 Lac - 20 Lac


Vijayran Palace

Located in the iconic -Pink city- Jaipur, The Vijayran Palace has everything you are looking for. With scenic views and top-notch services, you will surely be thrilled at the number of options you can choose from. A true oasis of luxury, the Vijayran Palace lets your mind wander into the immaculate surroundings, that set your soul free.

 Thriving on the laps of the spectacular Aravalli ranges, the venue is a feast to the eyes and is hands down a lovely property for a theme wedding. A perfect blend of modernity and a spiritual getaway. The lush green surroundings, stunning architecture, and amazing service are a few reasons why you should choose the Vijayran palace as your wedding venue.

Vijayran Palace, Jaipur wedding cost:

No. Of rooms at Vijayran Palace - 40

Cost of rooms at Vijayran Palace -INR 10000 - 16000

Cost of meals at Vijayran Palace -INR  2000 - 3500

Cost of decor at Vijayran Palace - INR 6 Lac - 20 Lac      

Cost of event & entertainment at Vijayran Palace -INR 4 Lac - 18 Lac 

Mundota Fort

Nestled high up on a granite hill amidst the old Aravalli ranges, the Mundota Fort is a true epitome of old age treasures. Being a 14th-century war fortress, the Mundota fort has impeccable interiors and breathtaking views that leave one transfixed. The venue also provides luxury Swiss tents which is an interesting touch. The luxury suites are unique and welcoming.

 Enchanting frescoes on walls are sure to leave you speechless. The interiors boast antique furniture and artifacts that uphold Rajasthan’s vibrant past. With accommodations fit for a king and brilliant architecture, The Mundota Palace is the perfect venue to exchange vows.

Mundota Fort, Jaipur wedding cost:

No. Of rooms at Mundota Fort - 52

Cost of rooms at Mundota Fort -INR 10000 - 15000

Cost of meals at Mundota Fort -INR 2000 - 4000

Cost of decor at Mundota Fort - INR  8 Lac - 25 Lac      

Cost of event & entertainment at Mundota Fort - INR 6 Lac - 20 Lac

Raj Palace

The Raj Palace is one of Jaipur’s first palaces. Built in 1727, this imposing palace is sure to leave you speechless. Originally called ‘The Chaumoo Haveli’, the Raj Palace was converted into a luxurious palace hotel in the year 1996, by princess Jayendra Kumari. The venue takes pride in its rich past and heritage, providing you with a larger-than-life experience. 

The palace provides you with customizable and innovative wedding services along with complete event support, taking away a huge burden off your minds. It is often stated that marriages are made in heaven, so why not have your wedding at the Raj Palace!

With stunning indoor and outdoor spaces, the venue is sure to provide you with memories that last a lifetime. Fall in love with ancient Rajasthan and exchange vows in this magical venue.

Raj Palace, Jaipur wedding cost:

No. Of rooms at Raj Palace - 50

Cost of rooms at Raj Palace - INR 9000 - 14000

Cost of meals at Raj Palace - INR 2000 - 3500

Cost of decor at Raj Palace - INR 7 Lac - 20 Lac      

Cost of event & entertainment at Raj Palace -INR 6 Lac - 15 Lac

Chomu Palace

The Chomu Palace is a 300-year-old marvel that stands tall in the heart of Rajasthan. This exotic getaway is the perfect venue for your big day. An authentic and historic Palace, the property provides unmatched hospitality and comfort. With modern amenities and facilities, The Chomu  Palace echoes imperial and aristocratic memories.

 It is an integral part of Rajasthan’s tourism. An eternal beauty embodied in terracotta pink, the Chomu palace is emerging as a favorite destination to host a wedding. The venue’s old-world charm and royal appeal are sure to leave onlookers spellbound. With multiple venues that can host all wedding, pre-wedding and nuptial ceremonies including fun cocktail parties, the Chomu Palace never ceases to impress.

Chomu Palace, Jaipur wedding cost:

No. Of rooms at Chomu Palace  - 70

Cost of rooms at Chomu Palace  -INR  7000 - 12000

Cost of meals at Chomu Palace - INR 1500 - 3000

Cost of decor at Chomu Palace - INR 7 Lac - 22 Lac      

Cost of event & entertainment at Chomu Palace - INR 5 Lac - 19 Lac

We hope this list of destination wedding venues under 50 lakhs is useful to you. Do these venues fulfill all your desires? What are your favorite budget wedding destinations in India? Do share your views with us weddings

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