Post pandemic weddings:

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    26 Jun-2021

Post pandemic weddings:

The pandemic has gipped us all with fear. The coronavirus which spread its deadly claws into the world a year and a half ago has completely transformed our lives. The new normal will take some getting used to, but people are finding creative ways to celebrate the most joyous moments of life, with utmost care while making safety and health a top priority. Wedding planners these days are busy getting accustomed to this new situation and are trying to meet the demands of families who now require something beyond floral decorations and destination weddings. Let us look at some of the upcoming trends that are embracing the industry whist covid-19 restrictions are easing around some parts of the country.

Safety first

Weddings are a gleeful occasion. That being said it is often easy to get swept away by the celebrations and forget about the important rules and regulations that are meant to be followed. As the country is gearing up for the wedding season with the second covid-19 wave ebbing, vaccinations for all guests, passwords for websites to view marriages from the comforts of your homes, sanitizers, and masks being distributed as gifts are a few ways through which people are showcasing their creativity while being cautious and safe. The trend which began during the first wave has now evolved and is being practiced far and wide whist being accepted as the ‘new normal’. People are now requesting that only vaccinated guests should attend the wedding. While some are postponing weddings to avoid any hassle, others are celebrating it with all the pomp and splendor, albeit with minimum guest and staff.

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Online weddings

Those of us who are unfortunate and cannot make it to the weddings of our loved ones can now watch the entire wedding sitting miles away, yet being a part of the whole celebration. The videos of weddings are now being posted on platforms such as zoom, youtube, skype, etc with limited passwords so no one misses out on the big day. The passwords are usually shared with near and dear ones, who would definitely have attended the wedding if not for the pandemic. Such videos can cost up to 12 lakhs as the shoot is in two parts. The actual footing of the weddings can go on for several hours

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The dress code

The immeasurable havoc left by the covid-19 pandemic on the wedding industry is bound to leave a mark forever. From weddings either being postponed or canceled, to having the guest lists slashed, the coronavirus has done more than just change our lives for good. Brides and grooms around the world are now matching their attires with mandatory face coverings to ensure maximum safety. You heard it right. We now have lehengas that come with studded or embroidered face masks and bridal gowns with lace facemasks as an ensemble. And who can forget the bridesmaid dresses with the same?

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Seating arrangements

Hosting a wedding at a time like this is definitely isn’t a piece of cake. Wedding planners are now requesting guests to hand -in medical reports and vaccination certificates to ensure the maximum amount of safety and very few risks. Social distancing is mandatory and knowing the medical history of guests allows planners to seat people far apart. It is now becoming a common practice to have the guests tested so that no one is at risk.

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Hair & Make-up

The hair and make-up artists have now adopted new practices because performing their job six feet apart is absolutely impossible. Masks and gloves are mandatory. While the process is taking place, it is requested to leave the windows and doors open for maximum ventilation. With constant use of sanitizers and minimizing skin contact as much as possible, the industry is constantly discovering new ways to ensure the safety of its clients, whilst trying to make them look stunning for their big day.

Upon arrival

It is common practice during these times, to have your temperature checked before entering a place. A security clearance area must be stationed at the entry point of the wedding venue, where the guests must have their temperature checked. People are also working on coming up with a quicker swab test to add an extra level of security. Guests must also have their belongings sanitized and must compulsorily wear masks at all times and maintain constant social distance.

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Program packets

Guests these days are often uncomfortable walking together or being cued in the same holding area as it could be risky. At times such as these, wedding planners are now offering ‘ program Packets’, that is individualized with a small sanitizer, hand wipes, name of the guest, directions, and a bar menu that limits contact and confusion as much as possible. Measures like this help maintain rules and regulations and minimize the obvious risks and spread of the virus, It also allows guests to comfortably enjoy the weddings of their loved ones without being worried or paranoid.

Although the pandemic has left us with difficult circumstances, it is our duty to follow rules to beat the virus. Were these tips helpful to you? Are you planning to have an intimate wedding with a few guests? Do let us know if you have additional information. Share all your thoughts and comments on

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