Best 15 Heritage Palace, Hotel & Venues: 50-100 Guest Wedding - Jaipur

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    01 Jul-2021

Best 15 heritage hotels and venues for 50 guests in Jaipur

The pandemic has sure left the wedding industry with inevitable changes. Weddings that were once a celebration with many guests have slashed guest lists to the bare minimum. People around the country have now embraced the new trend of having a very intimate wedding with only a few guests. Allow us to assist you in your journey of deciding a beautiful venue that is perfect for this intimate celebration that is filled with the same amount of love, laughter, and merriment. With Jaipur being a favorite among couples for its vibrance and grandeur, you are sure to find the best venues for an amazing destination wedding.

Khas Bagh

Located near the famous Amer Fort, the Khas Bagh is a stunning luxury retreat that will leave you and your guests spellbound. The medieval-style Haveli has an aura of historic presence emanating from its every nook and corner. With large verandas, tall ceilings, enchanting courtyards, the venue is a sight for sore eyes. They provide a variety of services that is sure to impress you and your guests. 

The interiors are tasteful and elegant with family portraits illuminating the walls. The Khas Bagh also has a polo lounge, a swimming pool, and sprawling lawns. The venue has 25 luxurious rooms that are perfect to accommodate your guests and provide them with the rest and rejuvenation they require after the tiring wedding celebrations. The family-run property bestows upon its visitors an evident halo of hospitality and comfort. Do consider choosing the Khas bagh for your big day as it is sure to tick all your boxes.

Bissau Palace

If you are looking for a palatial magnificence to host your dream wedding, The Bissau Palace is the one for you. Nestled in the laps of orange and gooseberry plantations, this heavenly abode will invoke a sense of calmness and peace within all its visitors. Overlooking the Tiger Fort, this beautiful venue is a 20th-century marvel, whose architectural styles resonate with the famous indo- Islamic style. The property is situated 2.5kms from the Hawa Mahal and 10km from the iconic Amer Fort. 

Vowing to provide only the finer things in life to all its guests, The Bissau Palace is the perfect venue to tie the Knot. With state-of-the-art facilities, the venue has a very homely feel to it. An outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, a spa and are a few of the many reasons why you should definitely consider choosing The Bissau Palace. The Palace is easily accessible from the airport and also has 3-on site restaurants that provide the finest dining experience with cuisines prepared by the best chefs. Celebrate your big day in style at The Bissau Palace and create unforgettable moments.

Naila Bagh Palace

The mesmerizingly beautiful Naila Bagh hotel is conveniently located 14 km from the airport and 04 km from the railway station. A delightful place indeed to celebrate the biggest day of your life. Wander amidst the Naila Bagh’s serene halls are relive the past. With tastefully decorated rooms that prioritize hygiene and comfort above all else, your guests will surely show their appreciation. The venue has a restaurant that serves tasty Indian and Rajasthani


delicacies that will leave you wanting more. Other facilities include a swimming pool, doctor on call, gala evenings, and royal lunches that will leave you feeling like royalty. What better way to celebrate your D-day? The Naila Bagh Palace has it all. An intimate wedding surrounded by your loved ones at this magical palace will surely leave you with experiences that linger on forever. 

Sirsi Haveli

The Beautiful ‘Pink City” Jaipur has a plethora of venues to host your dream wedding. One among them is the magical Sirsi Haveli. Established in the year 1997, the hotel is a perfect combination of old-age ambiance paired with modern amenities. The Haveli welcomes you with open arms to savor the taste of the peaceful beauty of rural life.  The hospitable venue stands tall and far away from the hustle-bustle of city life.

 Dive into the yesteryears as this enchanting abode takes you on a journey that will leave you and your guests transfixed. This old treasure trove has numerous facilities like swimming pools, massage centers, gaming zone, and much more. Relish some of Rajasthan’s best dishes and celebrate the glorious occasion of marriage with all the pomp and splendor, here at The Sirsi Haveli.


For leisure or a celebration, the Dhulagarh, Jaipur is a heritage hotel that is sure to blow your mind. Keeping p with the latest trends, the hotel is a feast to the eyes. Offering guests unparalleled services and facilities, The Dhulagarh vows to please you by providing a superfine wedding day. Enjoy the large courtyards, lawns, and spacious outdoor venues that fit every celebration you intend to host.

 Be it your Haldi ceremony or bridal showers, The Dhulagargh brings life and vibrance into its decor for the most appealing sight. The venue is capable of accommodating large or small crowds. The pool area is a perfect location to have a fun cocktail party and entertain your guests with the finest luxuries. Do pick the Dhulagarh for an extravagant wedding experience.

Royal Heritage Haveli

The Royal Heritage Haveli is an 18th-century marvel was built by Madho Singh the II of Jaipur. This grand Haveli is 150 years old and the very first step inside will greet you with stunning visuals of the olden days. A popular venue indeed, renowned for its hospitality and unsurpassable services. 

The Haveli has huge courtyards, ravishing lawns, and a gorgeous interior making it a slice of paradise. One simply can’t say no to this spectacular venue. The venue is dedicated to providing its guests a peaceful and tranquil stay whilst taking care of all their needs. Escape the bustling noise of the city and celebrate your big day in this exceptionally beautiful venue which is sure to sweep you away. With its 19 luxurious rooms that are sure to blow your minds, the haveli has been painstakingly restored retaining all its glory from the past.

Hotel Talaibagh Palace 

The lovely Talaibagh Palace is the perfect venue to host your intimate wedding. The hotel is a perfect combination of luxury and comfort draped with elegance. Set amidst a picturesque backdrop, the Talaibagh Palace is a tastefully curated venue that caters to all your needs and promises to make your dream wedding a reality. The venue is a sight to behold often leaving its guests awestruck. 

The Talaibagh Palace has 11 rooms that can easily accommodate your guests providing them a pleasant and satisfactory stay. The staff is well trained and courteous. Every detail of the wedding planning is handled with care and professionalism. Leave all your wedding blues behind and enjoy your big day unravel in grandeur before your very eyes. Revered as one of the most beautiful destinations in Jaipur the Talaibagh Palace serves scrumptious cuisines that will leave your palettes salivating. With lavish decor and antique furniture that echoes Rajasthan’s rich cultural vibrance, The Talaibagh Palace should be on top of your list.

Shahpura Bagh

Step into a luxurious wonderland where all your wishes will come true. Cradled amidst the golden sands of the glorious state of Rajasthan, The Shahpura Bagh dazzles with the rays of the morning sun. The venue provides an authentic experience of the best of what Jaipur has to offer. The days are unhurried and filled with love, laughter, and sunshine. What better place to have your dream wedding in? 

With 11 luxury suites that are sure to calm your senses and rejuvenate your souls, The Shahpura Bagh stands tall in the middle of 45 acres of landscaped gardens, lakes, and trees. The air is heavy with birdsongs and tranquility. A serene getaway indeed to celebrate your big day with your families. With premium amenities and temperature-controlled pools, the Shahpura jas everything and more!

Castle Kalwar

The Castle Kalwar is a heritage hotel sure to impress you. Quaintly located far away from the city, this lovely venue provides you with a soothing and calming experience. Wedding planning can be an arduous task. Allow the best in the business to provide you insights and tips for decor, catering, and much more. 

The property allows you to savor the traditional culture and vibrance of Jaipur and allows the soul to wander deep into the tranquil depths of the property. Eat cuisines and dishes prepared with expertise and feast your eyes on the enchanting dancing of peacocks early in the morning. The venue serves both exquisite vegetarian and nonvegetarian dishes and offers services like village tours and safaris. The Castle Kalwar is a  perfect getaway for an intimate wedding.

Hotel Rani Mahal

If palatial venues were what you had in mind for your destination wedding in Jaipur, Search no more! The Hotel Rani Mahal welcomes you with its warm embrace. An ample amount of thought and planning goes into creating a marvelous structure and this very fact is epitomized in the tall stature of the luxurious  Rani Mahal. 

The Hotel offers an insight into Rajasthan’s brilliant architecture and its culturally rich past. The grand interiors paired with antique furniture and tall ceilings are what set this venue apart from the rest. The royal feel that the venue unleashes is sure to sweep you off your feet. A perfect venue if you were after a royal wedding. Enjoy fine dining and so much more than the Rani Mahal has to offer. Book your big day here at The Rani Mahal and have a regal wedding experience.

Rani Bagh Resort

The Rani Bagh Resort, Jaipur is the perfect venue for any kind of celebration, be it big or small. The venue has expansive lawns that can comfortably accommodate your guests. The Resort is easily accessible as it is located on Hill View road at Kukas. The venue is perfect for hosting splendid receptions, pre-wedding and post-wedding parties that will blow your minds. 

The menu is tastefully curated with the best dishes prepared by skilled chefs. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines are served at the venue which is sure to leave your guests delighted. The Rani Bagh Resort also has a team of well-trained in-house decorators to bring your ideas and designs to life. The venue also has a poolside area where guests can relax and cool off after an intense wedding celebration.

Foothills Boutique Villas

Nestled in the arms of the iconic Aravalli ranges, The Foothills Boutique Villas is an enchanting venue to have your wedding. The private villa setting is perfect for an intimate gathering of your loved ones to celebrate your big day. The guest accommodation is one of the best there is! 

With five-star entertainment options and six-suite-style bedrooms that can accommodate multiple families, the Venue is a true stunner. Acclaimed as one of the best resorts in Jaipur, the Foothills Boutique hotel. With a Hardworking staff and surreal interiors there no excuse as to why you shouldn’t book this venue for your big day. Relish the lavish furnishings and splendor of this exuberant venue.

Krishnalaya Mansion

The Krishnalaya Mansion is the ultimate luxury retreat with indoor pools and jacuzzis that relax the stressed mind. There is no doubt that wedding planning can be tasking. At the end of the day, all one desires is to lay back and de-stress. This wonderful Mansion is surrounded on all three sides with lush green coves, sprawling lawns, and well-groomed gardens that provide the perfect backdrop for your scenic wedding.

 The venue also has the traditional Rajasthani Jhula that is perfect for romantic wedding photographs. The meals are authentic Rajasthani cuisine cooked on a ‘Chula’. The rooms are equipped with all the latest amenities and cater to your every need. The venue also provides ample parking space. The Krishnalaya mansion also offers complimentary breakfast to its guests. With all these special benefits there is no doubt that the Krishnalaya mansion is one of the best in Jaipur.

Tree of life

Rajasthan that houses the marvelous Aravalli ranges for centuries is an enchanting land that has truckloads to offer to its visitors. Cradled amidst the best of what mother nature has to offer, The Tree of Life Resorts is a truly magical place. The name of the resort is inspired by a Sanskrit translation which means surrounded by the forest. The Tree of Life is built entirely of stone.

 This aesthetic abode is sure to transform your wedding into a modern-day mystical paradise. With surreal architectural splendor immersed in Rajasthan's vibrant past, there is absolutely no reason as to why you shouldn't host your wedding here. A specialty bout this venue is that it incorporates natural homegrown produce into its cuisines. This serene beauty is sure to make your big day memorable.

Samskara Resorts

The effortless beauty of the samskara Resorts of Jaipur is appalling. The rooms and suites are designed with standard elegance and sheer comfort. A blend of modernity with the seamlessly lush surroundings sets this treasure trove apart from the rest. If you are looking to have a destination wedding amidst peace and tranquility, then the Samskara Resorts is the place for you. 

The word Samskara translates to ‘ the impression of’. True to its name, the Samskara Resort leaves a lasting impression in your hearts. Embracing the unadulterated beauty of nature, this heavenly abode rests far away from maddening crowds and welcomes you into an enchanting slice of paradise that alleviates all your worries and brings forth a sense of calmness. Enjoy personalized service, watch your dream wedding turn into a reality, and surrender yourself to its mesmerizing beauty.

Which of these heritage destination wedding venues in Jaipur were your favorites? Are you planning an intimate wedding for 50 people? If yes, which of these venues were your top picks? We hope that this list has been helpful to you and we hope to hear from you soon.

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