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Destination weddings- Beach Edition

Beach weddings are taking the wedding industry by storm as couples are rushing towards picturesque beaches to tie the knot. Here are a few things you should know before your big day at the beach.

By Editorial team, 15 Dec-2020

Ultimate guide to a perfect destination wedding

Planning a destination wedding is no piece of cake which is exactly why we wrote this blog that consists of the most important information you need to know before planning your big day.

By Editorial team, 14 Jul-2021

Top 10 destination wedding Venues & hotels in Udaipur under 15 lakhs

Udaipur is a land perfect for destination weddings. With its scenic views and enchanting history, there seems to be no reason as to why you shouldn't celebrate your big day in the arms of Udaipur

By Editorial team, 13 Jul-2021
Luxury Weddings

15 Best 5-star Luxury Destination Wedding Venues / Hotels in Udaipur

Luxury destination weddings are celebrations like no other. Since venues play a huge role in celebrations this grand walk through this list of stunning venues of Udaipur.

By Editorial team, 09 Jul-2021

6 bridal hairstyles that will wow the guests

We all know how important it is to get the perfect hairdo for your big day. The right hairstyle can bring an entire look together. Here are a few which you should definitely try.

By Editorial team, 08 Jul-2021
Wedding Venue

Things you need to keep in mind before booking a venue

Choosing the right venue for your wedding is an important task. Do it right with the help of these amazing tips that make your job much easier.

By Editorial team, 03 Jul-2021

Best 15 Heritage Palace, Hotel & Venues: 50-100 Guest Wedding - Jaipur

Jaipur is the ultimate place for a destination wedding. Celebrate your big day with pomp and splendor in these stunning heritage venues that will leave you speechless.

By Editorial team, 01 Jul-2021

Romantic honeymoon destinations in India

Our beautiful homeland India has a multitude of breathtaking places. Share special moments with your loved one by visiting these places for your honeymoon.

By Devyani, 28 Jun-2021

Romantic honeymoon destinations around the world

A beautiful honeymoon is something we cherish for the rest of our lives. Here is list of some of the most romantic places in the world that will leave you speechless.

By Editorial team, 26 Jun-2021

Post pandemic weddings:

With the restictions of covid-19 easing, weddings celebrations have completely changed, it is necessary to follow certain rules to ensure safety.

By Editorial team, 26 Jun-2021

Top 20 Heritage Destination Wedding Venues in Jaipur under 20 lakhs

Jaipur is a hotspot for destination weddings. Finding the right venue can be tricky. Finding a budget-friendly venue can be more tricky. Allow us to help you out.

By Editorial team, 23 Jun-2021

Top 10 destination wedding venues in Jaipur under 30 lakhs

Destination weddings on a budget are sure to keep the fols happy. Here are a few amazing Properties in Jaipur that will leave you spellbound.

By Editorial team, 19 Jun-2021

Unique wedding decor ideas

From neon lights to shimmery stars, wedding decor is ever evolving. Here are a few ideas sure to add a special touch to your wedding.

By Editorial team, 10 Jun-2021

5 tips for the brides-to-be

Every bride dreams of being a princess on her wedding. With the chaotic atmosphere of wedding planning, making time for your selfcare is crucial

By Editorial team, 04 Jun-2021

5 tips to select bridal jewelry

Jewelry is an integral part of a bride's getup on the biggest day of her life. Hence, it is essential to choose the perfect jewelry to nail that bridal avatar.

By Editorial team, 02 Jun-2021

Latest bridal eye makeup of this season

From smokey eyes to shimmery ones, see which style is dominating the industry and find your pick.

By Editorial team, 01 Jun-2021
Food & Drink

8 things you should never serve at a wedding

Food has to be one of the crucial aspects of any wedding. That being said, it is essential to choose the right menu to make sure your guests are completely satisfied

By Devyani, 01 Jun-2021

2021 Wedding Food Trends Revealed

I don’t remember attending a wedding in 2020, the number of weddings that took place the preceding year was limited

By Editorial team, 22 Mar-2021
Wedding Venue

5 Budget Hotels in Udaipur for a Comfortable Stay in 2021

Some cities hold a special place in our heart and Udaipur is one of them. Its vibrant culture and rich heritage have never failed to impress guests.

By Editorial team, 26 Feb-2021

4 Unique Proposal Ideas for Couples in 2021

Are you into a relationship for quite some time and the time has arrived to pop up the big question? But are you nervous and don’t know how to do it?

By Editorial team, 17 Feb-2021

5 Interesting Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021

Valentine’s day is around the corner and couples are scouting for ways to make it a day worth remembering. Some people prefer top-of-the-counter celebrations while others like to keep it low-key.

By Editorial team, 13 Feb-2021

5 Offbeat Destination Wedding Places in India

Isn’t it exciting to get hitched amidst the blue sea or the majestic mountains or a serene location?

By Editorial team, 10 Feb-2021

Avoid Trying these 5 Things Prior Your V-day.

Ticking off your wedding to-do list is a satisfying feeling, yet did anybody tell you about the things that you must refrain from in your wedding week.

By Editorial team, 21 Jan-2022

5 Budget-friendly Wedding Favors for Your Guests in 2021.

Everyone has their fantasies and vision when it comes to their V-day.

By Editorial team, 21 Jan-2020

Know What to Ask Your Wedding Planner.

For someone who is not from the wedding field, it is quite challenging to get hands on the right wedding planners.

By Editorial team, 21 Jan-2019

How to Capture Instagram-Worthy Wedding Candid Pictures?

Nothing defines the term ‘spontaneous’ better than candid wedding photography.

By Editorial team, 21 Jan-2019

Hiring a Wedding Planner in India? Know how to get most of it

There is a lack of understanding among the masses about the importance of wedding planners.

By Editorial team, 16 Jan-2021

5 Wedding Essentials That Couples Forget To Consider

Have booked the venue for your nuptials? Have you got your hands on the perfect wedding attire?

By Neha, 15 Jan-2021

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